Best Black Eyeshadow – Suggestions


Swati asks,


I am looking for a black eyeshadow that is deeply pigmented and easily blendable. It can be matte or shimmer, but should have decent staying power. I am willing to spend upto 700-800 and even a foreign brand will do as I’ll just buy it off ebay. Could you please suggest
some options?


best black eye shadow reviews

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  1. i like Oriflame mono eyeshadow ..its has a subtle shimmer…its relatively easily available too…alsoi use L’oreal mineral kohl eyeliner..i hardly use it as a linr coz of the fallout but ive found it works nice as an e/s..

  2. there is a beautiful black powder eyeshadow with subtle shimmers and a cream matte black eye shadow in the faces smoky eye palette….its fully worth the 650 inr u pay when it cums on sale in f n also has a primer, 5 eye shadow palete, a mascara, 2 eye pencils and brushes;))

  3. hi zee..its okayish to buy it along with the smoky kit since the total cost cums to 750 in f n u sales but buying their primer alone for 500 odd is not worthy since it only holds the eye shadows for sum 5-6 hours;)

  4. Hey Swats…i like Faces single shadow in black…its got less fallout compared to maybelline and lakme quads…also the quantity is huge for 250 bucks !!

    • Thanks Mits….I am pakka se getting Faces wala…I found a nice deal on ebay….any other colors from faces singles you would recommend?


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