Best Bleaching Tips and Techniques


Palki asks,

I would like to hide my facial hair by bleaching it…Ladies please give me some of your tried and tested tips and techniques for the best bleaching experience…


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  1. hi prati,
    always go for oxygen bleach which suits my well sensitive skin.and go on for bleaches containing pre bleach and post bleach cremes include in the kit.i use fem and nature’s essence oxy bleach.i would also recommend you gold and lacto bleaches when you opt for parlours.

  2. Hi,
    I have tried Fem Golden bleach . Its so Good .. And my sister have tried oxy bleach.. That also gives good results.

  3. I have lot of facial hair so i have tried the best way to bleach ur hair at home that i do is i mix any bleach mostly i use olivia or oxy with 1-2 drops of hydrogen pera oxide and mix i scoop.of ur sunscreen lotion it gives a smooth effect on ur skin i would suggest u to use ranbaxy suncros sunscreen even in your daily life its very helpful or if possible any will do even the ayur mosturising cream will do . Do try thank u


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