Best Blush For Pale Skin Tones Suggestions


Anna asks,

What’s the best blush to use for skin tone that’s very pale? Do suggest some good blushes.

Thanks Everyone.

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  1. i personally feel peach looks very good on pale skintones !!! 🙂 u can evn go for light pink shades like nyx dusty rose

  2. for very pale skin, u shud stick to pinks and corals….mauves n purples may make u luk more bruised than anything…for examble MAC Love Cloud, max factor classic pink or Faces Carnation Pink..these r easy blushes to start with….is there anything particular ur eyeing?

  3. I think Pinks should be ur best bet. U can try Coral too as Zee suggested. If you are new to Blushes, so try them at the store and check in daylight before investing money. I am a big miser so I suggest this to everyone 🙂

  4. if you are fair (lucky you! ) pinks, corals, and peaches. My favorite is Nyx cream blush in Glow and also Maybelline Express Wear in Apricot flush. 😀


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