Best Blushes To Pair With A Red Lipstick


Best Blushes To Pair With A Red Lipstick

Hello makeup addicts!

How is everone doing their makeup these days? I recently read a very interesting post on wiseshe on the different kind of red blushes available in the makeup market today which made me wonder about red lipsticks! Not exactly red lipsticks, but what kind of blushes could one pair with a bold, deep, and sultry red lip without going too over the board with your makeup!

And this is where this post comes in! So here i present the best blushes to pair up with your favourite red lippie the next time you plan on painting the world red!

Zoeva Luxe Color Blush In Last Love

Last Love is a stunning peach blush with very fine gold shimmer embedded throughout the surface evenly. Shimmers are very fine and impart a golden sheen to the color. This shade is perfect for summers and would suit people with both warm skin toners better. It does not accentuate pores at all, even people with enlarged pores would not face any issues with it. It is very similar to Mac blush in Springsheen.Springsheen is a bolder version and shimmers are not that fine, however Last love can be called a subtle version of Mac Springsheen.

A perfect kind of peachy-goldeny blush which is subtle enough to let the red lips speak for their self and at the same time not making your cheeks feel bare!

Nyx Powder Blush In Apricot

nyx blush apricot

The shade Apricot is very summery. The colour is a coral pink with warm undertones. As I said that the shade has gold shimmer but you need not worry about that. The shimmer is really mild and it is not really visible. It will give just some sheen to face instead of a highly shimmery look. Nothing too exorbitantly distracting and it just amplifies the beauty of a deep red pout without taking away the attention from it!

Mac grand Duo Mineralize Blush Earth To Earth


here is a blend of a warm coral-brown with minute golden shimmers and a highlighter which is a little bit plum, a little bit champagne. It brings out a couple of different colors, which looks unique and complementing. The plum and champagne veining is really beautiful, and when swirled together it gives a coral-brown flush of color which is very pretty on the cheeks. The shimmers are minute and are perfect to give a really nice sheen.

Nyx Mosaic powder Blush in Dare

It has a beautiful medley of golden beige, tan brown, peach and pink-based coral. All the shades are shimmery but the shimmer is not chunky or gritty. It gives a subtle glow that is quite flattering. The powder is satin-smooth and is easy to pick up either with a brush or your fingers. It does have a bit of fall-out but nothing too alarming. The goldenish-beoge undertones to the blush impart a very peachy glow to the cheeks and make the skin look like its glowing from within! And radiant skin is the perfect accessory to pair up with a bright red pout! Oh wow! 😀

Maybelline Blush Studio Cheeky Glow Fresh Coral

maybelline fresh coral blush

It’s pinkish coral which I find gorgeous and very versatile. One can apply just a bit for that natural day look as well as a nice visible coat which would definitely rock any evening party look. It has fine shimmers which add to the hue, and don’t show much when blended well. It has a natural finish and the texture is soft, smooth and blends evenly without much effort. It gives a nice glow, a perking up blush.

Which of these blushes will you pair with your red lipstick?

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