Best Body Butter For Sensitive Skin


Sushma asks,

It’s freezing cold in Delhi and I need to lather body butter .I have real sensitive skin .Help!


best body butter for sensitive skin


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  1. Hi! u shud try TBS body butter…do check the expiry ofcourse..Their satsuma BB is lovely and cocoa butter is hands down d best for super dry skin..

  2. Hi Sushma,

    You can try TBS Aloe Body Butter, it will soothe sensitive skin. I’m not sure whether it will be nourishing enough for Delhi weather, if not their Vit E Body Butter will also be good.

  3. Elovera Cream.. It has Aloe Vera & Vit E . It’s a product by Glenmark pharma… You can easily find it at any chemist shop….

  4. Actually i wud suggest u get cetaphil restoraderm .. Its expensive but works wonders on my sister inlaws skin and even her childs skin

  5. Hahahah ! Im bringing out the shopaholic in u! I toh cant use it ! My skin is far from dry ! How was the coldest day in delhi yest?


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