Best Body Lotion For Dry Skin With Good Sunscreen


By Shruthi,

Can you pls suggest a good body lotion for dry skin that also has good sunscreen.

Best Body lotion for dry skin


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  1. you can try biotique sandalwood and aloe vera lotion with spf 50 and 75 respectively :-)) 😎 you also have vaseline triplw whitening with spf 24 which is a bit expensive though 😛 :-/ :struggle:

  2. Lakme has come up with their fairness sunscreen range which ar ebody lotion with sunscreen. I don know if some one has tried it.Is there anyone who has tried it here?

  3. Garnier body cocoon shruti, try it, very economical n good, or even better, oriflame ultra rich body milk.
    i have dry skin n love them both, love oriflame one better…it feels like silk :inlove: :inlove:
    no spf in any of these though

  4. I use Avon Skin So Soft Replenishing Body Lotion in Soft and Sensual.I don’t know if it has SPF or not but since the time i have been using it I have started getting less tanned :dance:

  5. only body lotion i would use in summer is one for babies 😀
    got high spf, with less chemicals and all! i totally love it 😀

    • nope nope…
      we dont have jhonson here in netherlands..
      so i use one of 50+ spf..
      i got this tip from a beautician.. she said..its the most protective body lotion wid high spf.

      uhm! i dont think its available in india.. but m sure there must be sun protection lotions for babies..

  6. nivea body lotion with spf 20 or 30 i used it and i m pretty satisfied…..though i m not sure weather they are easily available or not..apart from it himani boroplus moisturizing lotion is also good though it doesnt claim to have spf but it contains sadalwood ,camphor , keasr which acts as natural suncsreen i used it last summer and didnt tanned so i think it might work …… btw sunscreen protects u from uv rays but no way protects u from skin darkening and tanning……only layering and hats or umbrella can protect it….do scrubbing….. drink lots of water and beet root juice or saffron milk ..

  7. thanks ! u know my grandma use to take keasr badam milk every night in summer she says its very important in summer and fight against summer diseases sunburns nausea sunstroke tanning ……she had the most flawless and glowing skin i had ever seen

  8. I tried a variety of body lotions with sunscreen but they are either too drying or don’t have enough SPF.So I mix my regular body lotion with Sunban which gives me an SPF 50.This works best for me.

  9. hey so sorry for late reply :struggle: biotique aloe vera really keeps your skin coooooooolll and vaseline triple whitening spf 24 costs around 299… :chic:

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  16. Hi! I have been using Parachute advansed body lotion with natural ingredients like coconut milk to help combat dry skin and itchiness. It has really helped my skin over the last few wintery months here and I can feel my skin getting softer and more smoother with regular application of this body lotion. I think it is definitely a very good lotion to ward off dry skin problems!


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