Best Body Scrub From Body Shop


Sangeeta asks,


I recent had an accident and due to prolong resting my back has  turned all black and inner thigh area too.I am looking for some Body shop product which can remove the blackness/tan .



best body scrub from body shop


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  1. Hey i wanted to ask a question (actually a few questions but i’ll stick to one) ((not related to your query above))
    recently my under eye area has become really dark and i always had little dark circles but suddenly the problem has worsened . Please suggest me some products or some home remedies!! Also my face has become really dull!! HELP

    • Arshina, Please forward this query to Anamika and she will post it as a separate post.

      Sangeeta, I have a friend who likes scrubs from TBS, however, I have seen most of them do not work well on darkened skin.. rather at that price range I would suggest Lush Sea Salt scrub and Mask of Magnaminty to remove dead and dark cells, and also FabIndia Rose and Geranium face and body scrub, which removed my dead cells.

  2. I’ve heard good things bout TBS VItamin C miscrodermabrasion. But at this price, you can easily get great drugstore dupes that perform just as well or even better

  3. Hi sangeeta .. Wud sugget stay away from Tbs.. Try lush instead and more importantly consult a doctor who will give u topical medication.. These kinda problems r best handled by a derm..

  4. Consulting a doc would be the best…unless u can find the most suitable remedy from the umpteen home remedies posted on this blog…
    I tried a body scrubber by TBS….green colored spongy thing made from recycled plastic bottles….its pretty rough but wont scratch ur body…and we need a strong scrubber to be used with any shower gel for good exfoliation…This wont solve ur issue….but just wanted to share this fantastic scrubber…Try it ( 🙂 )


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