The Body Shop Lip Scuff Review


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Lip Scuff By Body Shop

  • Product claims – A moisturising lip care product that gently exfoliates the lips to help remove dead skin cells, leaving the lips feeling smooth, soft and conditioned which evens the surface of the skin to better absorb Lip Colour, making it last for longer. Dermatologically tested.
  • Ingredients Marula Oil – Is a very effective moisturiser that also helps to condition the skin over time. Also provides essential fatty acids that help to repair the skin’s moisture barrier, thus helping to restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness.
  • Organic Beeswax – Moisturises and helps to condition the skin. Acts as a barrier that helps to seal in moisture. Helps to keep product texture consistent when used over time. Provides women in marginalised, rural communities with the rare opportunity of regular work.

The Body Shop Lip Scuff Review

  • Crushed fig stone granules Help to gently remove dead skin cells.
  • How to use – Gently apply Lip Scuff over the lips and rub them together before removing the residue with a tissue. Use one to two times per week, or as required.
  • Price Rs.495 for 2.5g


lip scuff body shop

What I like about TBS Lip Scuff

  • Gentle exfoliation just like it claims.
  • I quite like the lipstick packaging. It makes the application easier.
  • A quick fix when I want immediate exfoliation when I travel. I don’t even have to be bothered about using my hand.
  • Has a minty fragrance that is quite refreshing

Body shop lip balm review

What I don’t like about lip scuff Body Shop

  • The exfoliation will not be satisfying enough if you have chapped lips or many dead skin cells.
  • Quantity is very less and gets finished up quickly.
  • A baby tooth brush does the same job at a much much lower price.
  • Not moisturising enough. I need to apply a lip balm immediately.
  • Pricey!


lip scuff body shop


Wiseshe rating 3/5

If I really want to spend so much, I might as well get the Lush one. But then the only reason I may repurchase this is because the organic beeswax used in this provides rural women with a rare opportunity of regular work (read organic beeswax in ingredients list).

And if you are the kind of person who always looks for the exfoliating particles to be felt against your lips, you are definitely not going to like this

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    • Bhumika, yes they are very pricey! :((

      Anamika, yes it is pretty average 🙁 Thank god I haven’t spent a large amount on their lip balms! And I used that Elizabeth Arden cream on my lips yesterday night and they feel so soft now 🙂 I didn’t even apply any lip balm :dance: :dance:

  1. Rs.790 for 50g :(( I will use it for 2 weeks before I can give a final verdict on how it is 😀 Coz if I hold the same view then, it will be totally worth the price 😀

  2. :O:O..i have never even bought a lip balm which is more than 350 or so..u have beaten all records.. :tremble: :tremble: :tremble: :tremble:

    • heheh.. the thing is na I have to apply lip balms every 3 hrs or so and I find it irritating when I am at work or outside 🙁 I had so much abt this cream, that I thought I’ll give it a try 😀
      And I have these dry patches under my toes.. like really really dry and flaky. Thought this might help that one too 😀 And I heard the product lasts for a long time!

  3. Hi Bulbul,

    I agree it is too pricey but trust me when I saw it in Body shop i too was tempted to buy it..but then i chose lemon lip butter afterwards:P

    we women can’t resist na:(

  4. Anu also has this nai…she keeps raving about this… :smug: :smug:

    but Maha 790 for a lip balm !!! :pain: :pain: :tremble: :tremble: :tremble:

  5. hehe :silly: … no IPL.. dont have time or interest..actually first there are exams.. then in office.. too many timelines and meetings, trains etc….
    a new activity is being started and we are in the team so implementation process going on :-(( :-((
    will watch the T20 WC though :jump:

      • Thank you :-* i myself am counting on the mantra “this too shall pass”
        but people here are too annoying…. one person is doing nothing the whole day… just sitting and enjoying and nobody gave any responsibility to him.. and others are being pushed like anything .. :reallypissed: :reallypissed:

  6. I know that too …. 😛 😛
    nyways.. as my sis says “it happens, shit happens” 😀 😀
    you tell what are u going to have in lunch??? anythins special :drool: :drool:

    • Meenu but what uknow everyone in yur office will know ..who works hard and who doesn’t .when u will leave the office yur head will always be high unlike his or her.

      nothing special ..just paneer bhuji and chapati with dal or curd.

      i had fruits in my breakfast and bottle gourd and cucumber juice..i feel shooo healthy:P

  7. I dont splurge on expensive stuff….so palettes it is for me :-((

    But you girl have hit the roof with 790 ka balm…fine you hvae dry spots but 790 !!! you know i just read on IMBB Lush has a nice product at some 800 bucks for 250ml and is a boon for dry skin…

    Please note i am being nice despite people ‘nazar lagaofying’ to my ‘bhole-bhaale’ palettes

  8. about the Lush cream? Owww…sad then..i dont have to worry about dry spots…the only dry region on me is the sole of my feet

    • Yup lush cream ..she was unhappy to use that hands are getting flaky and dry nowadays…don’t know why..may be hyderabad water:(

  9. awww….sad…you know whats the best and cheapest option, keep a dabba of coconut oil handy all the time and keep rubbing in a drop or two every few minutes..


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