Body Shop Shampoo Suggestions


Deepika asks,

Please suggest me good shampoos from body shop which you have tried? Are they worth investing?


Best body shop shampoo suggestions

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    • I agree. Rainforest range is the best. but their conditioner’s not that great. Try Rainforest Moisture. Rainforest Shine didn’t work for me, made my hair dry but then shampoos work differently for different people

  1. Currently I use rainforest moisture shaampoo!!
    though it is free of parabens amnd SLS , but it doesnt lather much.
    so I end up using more product.
    hence I dont think I would buy it again .
    bcoz paying 550 for a bottle of shampoo and using for very few washes is totaly :no: to me .

  2. hi!! I have used only the olive range and i wud anyday advise u against it…it dint work for my hair and gave it a plasticy texture which i hated..

    Ive heard gud things about the rainforest rage so i pakka think u sud giv it a whirl!

  3. I used to love their Olive Glossing shampoo…So gentle for even daily use( though I never did that) but it gave a nice healthy sheen to my hair…and also made it manageable

  4. I tried their Banana Shampoo and loved it. It made my hair really soft.
    Just started on their Rain Forest range for drying hair, its a kit containing – Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask and a cute green comb for application.

    So far loving it!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

  5. Forgot to mention, my sis who’s very very :beatup: very fussy about her hair, loved their Rainforest range for oily hair.

    She’s this really oily scalp + thick hair = 😥 :pissedoff:

    After the shampoo+conditioner she feels much better!!!

  6. hii…………….,, i have used rainforest moisture range…. it didn’t worked for me :-((
    got lots of hair fall and frizzy hairs….. and then started some home remedies like egg…and hot oil massage now my hairs are OK… nowadays im using pantene and its working for me,,,,

  7. i hate body shop shampoos…big time……waste of money…..did nothing to my hair…..rather as zara mentioned they give this plastic straw like feel to hair……wether its olive glossing or new rainforest range……all of them suck……

  8. ana…i am really not sure abot tbs shampoos….none of their shampoos worked for my hair…….though they claim to be silicone and sulphate and paraben free……they dont wrk atleast not for my hair…..
    ana if u ever want to try tbs shampoo buy the smallest bottle then makeup ur mind about them…….
    i m back to my schwarzkopf shampoo…….

  9. TBS hair care babies are certainly all what I always invest in,

    Honey moisturizing when my hair wre permed… after which I used their Guarana Berry range(for fine hair) which I m currently using again… I meanwhile used the rainforest moisture range(dry hair) nd Radiance(for oily) in summers…

    Banana Shampoo nd conditioner is something many people across the globe love…

    I’m goin to invest in their hair butter cos’ of the hard water probs I’m facing..the sample I used sometime back worked nicely…

    hah! I can’t recall when did I use some other brand for hair care!! gee… 😮

    you should definitely choose one acc to yr hair type!


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