Best Body Wash For Dry Skin


By Anuradha,

I have dry itchy skin which body shop will suit me.? I have tried Lux and Fab India and they have not done any good to me.Please help

Best body wash for dry skin

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  1. One of the most moisturizing body washes I have used is the Deep Moisture Body Wash which comes in a pink color bottle.

    I have usually found it only in Health & Glow where it seems to have been imported from the UAE (Because of the arabic titles on it).

    It costs around Rs. 300 but is totally worth it since you don’t need to use any cream/moisturizer after using this.

  2. Try St Ives Shea & Oatmeal Body Wash..

    If you can use a body oil (like sesame or coconut) in the night before sleeping once or twice a week. It might help. You even try using full fat curd as body wash once a week instead of a store bought one. It does wonders for dry skin. I really like using that, only you’ll smell lil yougurty for a while ๐Ÿ˜›

    • i hate the curd chip chip butlove the result..i apply curd when ever i need a quick glow on my always works for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Anuradha,

    I would suggest to go for Palmolive Thermal Spa..It is very moisturizing and u wont need to use a moisturizer after that…I have had a very gud experience with it. Olay also has gud body washes and they r also super moisturising..


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