Best Bronzer For Indian Skin


Nidhi asks,


I have heard that a bronzer makes dull skin looks healthy.Can you tell me how to use bronzer and how it  can make my skin look healthy.With this also suggest some bronzer .

Best Bronzer for dusky skin

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  1. You need to buy a bronzer which gives a natural tan to your shouldn’t look too dark and should look just few shades darker than your natural skin tone.
    you an use colorbar just earth bronzer.

  2. Anamika can you suggest me some good must have brushes, especially for blush and powder application.

    And is the new colorbar make up kit worth a buy?

  3. Oh ok. Then I’ll skip the blush for now and save up some money to get the kit.

    And brand suggestions for brushes pls. Some decent economical ones.

  4. Ok then I’ll check TBS. If it doesn’t fit into my budget (tough phase now 🙁 ) will go for QVS or vega. MAC can slowly come into the picture later one by one 😉

  5. I like Colorbar – Cinnabar as bronzer.. It has a bit of shimmer in it that helps give the skin a glow 🙂

    Apply the bronzer on those areas of the face that naturally catch sunlight – so that wld be your cheekbones.. apply in a C – shape – sides of the forehead & cheekbones. 😀


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