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Lovely Negi asks, 


I love to do make up..but dont know much about the rightway to do it..i have few queries..and would appreciate if you can answer..
1. My skin tone is very fair..can you please suggest me what would be the right shade of Lakme perfect readiance compact & ponds tinted moisturiser.
2. I love eye make a lot but currently i apply only eyeliner & mascara, now i want to explore the eyeshadows ..i am thinking of buying Coastal scents 88 original pallets..Can you suggest me a good eye i am a learner plz advise me not a very expensive eye primer.
3. I want to know about do we use we apply it daily? which is the good bronzer available..
Many Thanks
Best Bronzer suggestions
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  1. Negi if you can try out the shades at the store itself it would be better…here’s the link that can help you determine the right kind of foundation

    As for the palette..good choice girl..and snce you are getting coastal scents palette, why dont you try their eye primer as well. I’m sure its good..a friend of mine has tried it.

    Bronzers give you a sun-kissed look, its not for daily use. Cant suggest you one…their are other divas here who are better at it


    • Hey..tx Mitra..acutally i was thinking of some onlin e shopping dats y i was confused abt shades..yes for primer i will check it out..nd fr bronzer..hmm i m waiting fr others rply..

      Many tx..Cheers!!!

            • Hey Anamika..i have seen so many of tutorials frm you here..i just wanted to know..have you done any professional you apply makeup so beautifully..i even cant apply eyeliner perfectely..i was thinking of doing a certification course so that i can improve my skills..what you sugest how can i improve myself in doing i dont now much so currentl m only stick to eyeliner & lipgloss..i wana do something more..plz help hw i can do so..
              txx :help:

              • Hi Lovely, well thas quite a compliment and thanks for liking my work..I haven’t done any makeup course all i have learnt is through constant practice.Going for a certification course is certainly not bad and it will definitely help u ..if u r in Mumbai then u can even learnt it from Dr Neeraj.he is fantastic 🙂

                • i am in delhi ..nd i searched ALPS & VLCC. they have some self grooming course…wow u learnt it though practice….grt…bt yes soon il take out some time to practice..tx a are really so nice in posting aur problems & replying..
                  tx a lot

  2. i recently bought the Lakme gold dust shimmer bronzer and it works pretty well. i have normal to oily skin. its abt 450 bucks I think..

  3. Hey Lovely,

    I’ll pass on something only for the bronzer: I personally don’t really know how to use a bronzer but have a 4 bronzer case (dabba) from VOV which I use to conceal dark circles… :laugh: I know everyone’s gonna be surprised but it’s super-handy… It is a very cute chotu dabba with 4 bronzer shades in powder form. The bronzer aren’t super-shiny et al and so guess a beginner can be very comfortable using it. The dabba’s at home so will have to check the exact name, etc. but just thought of sharing since I find it very good.If u are interested u can check with places where VOV products are available. I had bought it long back from Alfa (Irla, Mumbai)


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