Best Bun Hairstyles For Karwachauth


Best Bun Hairstyles For Karwachauth

With Karwachauth just a day away, I am sure you are by now prepared with your attire. Everyone would like to look their best on the day. I just love the way we ladies look and admire each other with a tadka of competition 😀

I am also a part of this competition and was scanning a few hairstyles for tomorrow. I prefer making buns but with proper use of pins to avoid any kind of uncomfortable feeling while handling the thali and the Pooja. Do you identify with me? Read on, I am sure one of these buns would appease you as well.

Neat Bun

kareena floral bun

The best choice is the neat bun as it does not loosen and stays with you for long. It is very much in style and if you have a good length hair, you will surely look good and stay comfortable. You may use gel to settle them if you have a little bit of waves.

Front Puffed Buns


A little common but definitely in style hairstyle. People are seen carrying them quite elegantly and is quite a hit with traditional attire. You may try it for sure.

Retro Style Bun with flicks

Bun Hairstyles Of Deepika Padukone 3

Remember OM SHANTI OM! You can also go for Deepika’s hairstyle in the movie when she did a retro bun with flicks. It looks a lot cooler than usual dangling loose buns. It is also suitable for women of all ages. Try it for a change!


Ultra-Chic Puffed-up Bun

Go for Chignons! I know a little common but you may accessorize it using some flower or hanging or may be some other clip to make it look different. I personally like it with traditional attires specially saree or lehenga.

Pinned Buns

Makeup And Hair Suggestions - Classic Bun & Traditional Makeup

Go for buns with much number of pins that are usually common to salons and local parlors. Arranged in different styles, these buns look quite good but might require professional help as I find it difficult to out so many pins on my head that too with precision.

Messy Bun

The Classic Messy-Bun

Once a hit, always a hit! This is one hair style which I feel can never go wrong. It looks so stylish with every kind of outfit and face style. It adds style to your face even if you go for makeup or little bit of makeup.

Traditional Bun

bun pins withchain pins

A traditional bun with flowers or some decoratives at the back. It is made of nicely tucked hair with comparatively lesser number of hair pins usually suited for longer hair. It is however successful for longer hair length.

Braided Bun

Bun Hairstyles

Another hair bun style for longer hair is the braided bun style. It looks gorgeous with traditional attire and is usually seen in South Indian weddings. Look at Deepika in the picture, isn’t it looking really rave and pretty on her? It is a festival of values and we must try the traditional hairstyles also.

It is a day to look good and feel good. I would suggest you to try one of these buns with your sarees and lehengas. Do experiment with your looks if you have never tried any of these buns. I am sure you and your beau would love your appearance with the traditional outfit. Happy Fasting and good luck for the toughest day!

Which out of these hairstyles are you going to opt for Karwachauth?

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