Best Celebrity Bob Hairstyles To Check Out In 2015


Best Celebrity Bob Hairstyles To Check Out In 2015

Last two years have been the years of bob hairstyles. Almost every celeb tried them. The ones who didn’t want to go all the way, made sure that they owned the faux bob. Many girls got inspired and mustered up courage to shorten their hair. If you are still on the verge about getting a lob or bob, these Celebrity Bob Hairstyles will inspire you-

Taylor Swift

celebrity bob hairstyles (1)

Our beautiful Tay Tay sure is an icon in everything she does. Her layered bob is too sexy. We rarely see her without bangs and this bob is no exception.

Anne Hathaway

Best Celebrity Bob Hairstyles To Check Out In 2015

This princess is always at par with the latest trends. Her shiny, wavy bob is perfeectly suitable for her chiseled features.

Emma Roberts

Best Celebrity Bob Hairstyles To Check Out

Emma’s bob is perfectly messy. The deep side parting is quite In these days and she flaunts the look nicely.

Jessica Alba

Best Celebrity Bob Hairstyles To Check Out this year

This lady has refused to age. She looks so innocent and young all the time. Jessica’s youthful looks are accentuated by a beautiful bob haircut.

Kirsten Dunst

celebrity bob hairstyles 2015

Kirsten’s sleek bob is something that most face shapes can pull off. We do not see many straight bobs these days but Kirsten’s hairdo is really pretty.

Rita Ora

celebrity bob hairstyles to chec out

The bombshell is also sporting a sleek look here. Sleek doesn’t mean flat here. Her hair has enough volume and looks gorgeous.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

2015 celebrity bob hairstyles (7)

What an amazing texture Rosie’s lob has! This look is super messy and yet super stylish. I am totally digging this disheveled look.

Sarah Hyland

best celebrity bob hairstyles

The first thing that attracts me towards this look is the gorgeous hair color. Bronde hair goes with a variety of skin tones. Sarah’s bob is so attractive.

Katy Perry

celebrity bob hairstyles this year

Trust Katy to experiment with her hair! She keeps trying new cuts and colors. Here she has a combination of pink and apricot in her shiny bob.

Vanessa Hudgens

celebrity bob hairstyles in 2015

She has such beautiful face that every hairstyle flatters her. Her texturised bob has been placed carefully.

Which of these Celebrity Bob Hairstyles did you like?

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