Best & Cheap Makeup Brushes In India


Chitra asks,

Hi girls, Recently I saw many Indian brands coming up with makeup brushes.Some of them which I am aware of are  bourjois, colorbar and Lakme.Which according to you is the best among all ?


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  1. Colorbar brushes are scratchy, I’ve heard. Apart from their eyeshadow blending brush none is really impressive it seems. I am a makeup beginner and really happy with my set of faces brushes !
    Also you can try out oriflame brushes, they are also pretty decent.

  2. the newly launched colorbar brushes are not tat good.. they are rough on the skin i heard..

    try vega & oriflame ones…. they are in budget & of pretty good quality too..

    faces i hv not tried.. but heard good reviews on them too 🙂

      • They hav their parlors in Delhi..u can find. Them there..I ot mine 2yrs back from a FnU sale ut do t see them anymore..saw a few on jabong too but. Hey were a tiny bit overpriced..but yea, I can ouch fr d quality..I’ve had them fr over 2 yrs n thy r still workin well..

  3. Colorbar of faces would be my suggestions too. However try not to go for a single brand. Mix and match the best brushes from different brands. This way works much better than getting sets

  4. The Vega basic range with the beige handle are terrible but the Vega professional range with black handles is good for beginners and I find it good VFM. I have both of their buffer brushes, angular blender, crease brush…. of course Faces is good

  5. I really dnt understand how to ask any question under Ask Wish She, each time I do it doesnt show up…

    PLS help anyone. :-((


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