Best Cleanser For Dry Skin


By Sanjana,

I have dry skin and I use Lakme cleanser which gives me average result.I need a cleanser that keep my skin moisturised .Please help me out with best cleanser which you ladies have comes across.

Best Cleanser For Dry Skin



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  1. I have been using Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser since two year.It is the mildest cleanser .It cleans well and doesn’t leave my face tight.

  2. Sanjana most of the times moisturising cleansers are really rare to find and if you really need one you need to go for high end ones like Kaya, Forest Essentials etc. So in case you don’t want to splurge, it would be better to use a mild cleanser that works for you and follow it up with a light moisturiser. 🙂


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