BEST Cleansing Toning & Moisturising Regime


Dhanu asks,

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Can you please share us the daily-routine skin care regime? Like cleansing, toning, moisturizing….scrubbing.etc!!
why do we have to cleanse the face, tone them and moisturizer it. What is the actual procedure. Am an amateur and I  would like to know the correct procedure.

Best Cleansing Toning & Moisturising Regime



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  1. Hi Dhanu ,

    This is my daily skin care regime

    I use Lush Herbalism as cleanser first followed by Nivea toner and lotus whitening gel creame moisturiser .
    I scrub my skin every alternate days with fab india gel scrubs.
    and twice a week use any face pack which ever i think my skin needs:)

    do let me know if you want know something more:)

  2. The most important thing when it comes to your face is to keep it clean.Use a face wash that suits your skin.Toning is essential to keep your pores happy.Avoid anything with alcohol in it.And yup moisturize.If you have oily skin use a gel based or aqueus moisturizer otherwise you can use a regular one meant for dry skin.Always protect your skin from harmful sunrays by using a sunscreen that offers a broad spectrum protection preferabbly with SPF 20+ PA++.You could also include an anti ageing cream to combat signs of premature aging.

  3. sonia what is this aqueus moisturizer
    i too have oily skin but very sensitive. what should I use for my skin ?
    I love to use a sunscreen or some day cream which is non comedogenic too.
    which compact except maybelline white stay is non comedogenic ?
    please help. my facial skin is in a bad situation :reallypissed:

  4. But am a nursing mom so cant apply benzoul perozide or undergo tropical treatments. i use cetaphil cleanser now.i use suncross gel sunscreen too. but i prefer a matee look and I need to use a compact to touch up . anu please suggest me some non comedogenic compacts.
    maybelline whitestay leaves whiitsh cast and I dont like to use it too..

  5. Sumsu you can try Ponds TM.. and lakme perfect radiance compact..

    And for moisturisers your can use any calamine lotion as you have oily derma recos “Caloe” from Dermadew….also when you visit a derma he will give you only those medicines which are compatible for nursing mothers na…so do visit one asap…cause what i feel is your skin is acting weird post delivery..

  6. thank you so much
    I used to use ponds tm and lotus compact. i did nt have any issues with ponds tm too. but my face is oily . so pond tm makes my skin a bit dewy. so i need to touch up with compacts. but soemhow lotus compacts are out of stock in my place.
    Anu I dont have access to color bar cosmetics too.
    so have been wondering about alternate compact . non comedogenic one .
    by the way its not post delevery syndrome mitra dear . because my son is 10 months old ..
    I have lakme radiance compact too.but I was nt sure whether its non comedogenic or not ?
    mitra do u have oily skin ?
    by the way using a calamine lotion is a good tip.
    thanks and love u all

  7. i was trying to very ingredient list every time for each and every product 😛 from foundation to cream so ended up finding this on google 😀 yay !! good one na 🙂

  8. hi, i am sheela, homemaker,i usually use cetaphil face wash, and mellagard 50+ that it, can u guide me how to keep my skin hydrated and marks free

  9. Hi anamika ,h r u doing and baby .
    U will very busy right now in baby take care .
    I need just one reply from ur side for my extermly oily and pimple pron skin.
    I am using lush fresh farmacy and tea tree toner in morning and eve too.
    then at night i apply fabindia blemishing cream but daily these days i am getting pimple 3-4 with puss.
    what to apply for acan scars .i searched many options but some are very expensive .
    plz reply me .

  10. Heyy hii evry1..
    Can any1 plzz help mee I use cleansing toning and moisturising dailyy but later on it leadss 2 seems as if my skin has bcum oily although I dnt hv oily skin at all..
    I donno wat 2 do..before doing al diss my skin used to sty dry nli ven I walk out of my house but nowadyss it bcumss oily due 2 sweat frm d tym I hav strtd dis procedure…can ny1 hlp me vid sum tips


    wash- cetaphil cleanser
    Tone- hada labo whitening lotion
    Essence- benton high content snail bee essence
    Serum-vlcc snigdha serum ( this one’s recent)
    Moisturizer- aroma magic hydro gel ( for some reason I love this thing, has lactic acid, and seaweed which boosts collagen)
    Sunscreen- blossom kocchar aloe Vera sunscreen/ biotique aloe Vera sunscreen

    NIGHT ( alternate-I)
    Wash-loreal 360 clean salicylic acid wash

    Twice a week ( nigh alternate-I)

    Wash- cetaphil cleanser
    Treatment- retino-A

    Alternate on dry winters

    Wash-cetaphil cleanser
    Tone- hada labo
    Essence- benton
    Serum-vlcc snigdha
    Moisturizer- aroma magic hydro gel
    Pack- blossom kocchar sea weed pack
    And yes I sleep with the pack on, it’s a god send for my weird combo skin
    Sometimes I top the sea weed pack over my retino-A too, when I think the vit A alone might be too harsh, I use a lot of aloe Vera based products as my skin tends to get red easily

    I know my routine is exhausting but it has solved my dull acne prone skin!

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