Best Coconut Hair Pack Recipe For Shiny Hair


Shiny, thick and lustrous hair are the ingredients of our happiest dreams.I constantly keep lusting after healthy hair and God knows how many home remedies and bottles of chemicals I have tried thinking of them to be some magic potion.

coconut hair mask for shiny long hair


Some products do work and some don’t moreover I am constantly using  hot rollers and curlers,therefore my hair needs extra nourishment.This time I came across this magical hair mask which really really helped me in keeping my hair free from all the damage and split ends and yes! it adds  lot of shine too.


haircare coconut mask

This recipe is a wonder. I’ll first let you know the many benefits of these amazing ingredients-

Coconut Oil for Skin And Hair Care:-

Coconut oil is widely used in personal care products due to its moisturizing properties. The best thing about coconut oil is that it is a great hair conditioner that is suitable for all hair types. No wonder then that our South-Indian beauties have beautiful hair as coconut is an integral part of their food and personal care regimen.


coconut hair pack
Coconut oil not only moisturizes hair but also stimulates hair follicles, thus promoting hair growth. It makes hair soft and shiny. Coconut oil prevents hair fall and split ends. It also prevents dandruff and lice.
Coconut oil penetrates the hollow hair shaft and improves it from inside. It locks moisture in the hair and makes them soft and thick. This oil does not disturb the pH balance of hair and also prevents loss of protein from hair. It also prevents premature greying and protects hair from getting damaged by harmful sun rays.

Honey for hair and skin:-

Honey is an absolute honey! πŸ˜› It has anti-oxidant properties which fight against free radicals and keep scalp healthy. Honey is an emollient. Emollient is a substance that has the property of soothing skin and hair and making it soft. Honey has the same effect and nourishes and softens hair. It also boosts hair growth. Honey’s enzymes have antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties and prevent itchiness, dandruff and infections.
Honey is a humectant and provides hydration to hair without making it greasy. This tendency makes honey suitable for all hair types. Honey retains moisture in hair and prevents hair fall. Honey makes dull hair, full of life. Honey again has a near neutral pH and is safe. Honey is also known to prevent balding and protects hair from sun-damage.

Now after knowing the wonders of nature, let us move on to make a unique hair mask which has worked amazingly on my hair. You need only these two ingredients i.e. honey and coconut oil to pamper your hair. It is quick, easy and effective.
You will need- 1 tbsp. honey and 3-4 tbsp. virgin coconut oil.
The amount will vary as per the length and thickness of your hair but remember to use less honey and more oil. Otherwise you will end up with sticky hair.Keep the proportion 4:1 .

It will be great if you can get real raw honey as it is 100% natural. Virgin coconut oil is cold pressed and is definitely much better than the ordinary ones. It is easily available online if you can’t find it in market.I got lots of coconut milk from my recent trip to Kerala and I swear its so much better than what I get here.

Preparation of Mask

If you are living in a cold area then take honey and coconut oil in a pan and heat on stove. Do not keep the flame high as the natural properties will be destroyed if you overheat. Stir and mix well. Let it cool down a little.

As I am in a hotter area where coconut oil  doesn’t need to be melted I simply mix coconut oil with honey.


Honey and coconut hair pack

Wet your hair and massage the mask on scalp and hair. Pay attention to split ends. Use you fingers in combing movement to let the mask cover your hair from root to tip.

Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes. Tie you hair in a bun or cover with a shower cap if you have long hair.

Wash the mask with any shampoo of your choice. You will need to wash your hair twice to get the mask off from your hair completely but it won’t be very hard to take it out.

For best results use this mask once a week .Your hair will be completely smooth, shiny and lustrous.

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      • Hi Anamika ,i saw this post on fb and i tried other day and got vow effect..thanks a lot…its really gave a spa effect to my hair.i have a query ..i didnt used virgin coconut oil though i used parashoot ones,since its hot cliamate here its in liquid form so i did not heated it,hope i did right? thx again..xoxo

  1. Hi Ananika. … thanku i will try this.
    I am from faridabad delhi /ncr.Can u plz help me out.i am planning to open cosmetic shop at my place.what nd Which brand Shd i keep at my shop.

  2. I use similar version with another ingredient 1 cup coconut oil 1 banana and 1 spoon honey, I love that mask, yes as you said it makes hair soft, reduce split ends, adds lot of shine, my hair fall problem is solved, off course I am using josie maran argan oil daily, but I use this pack once a week, I hope one day I too get great hair like yours.

  3. Gorgeous hair! I had such long and thick hair till I was in school. They were good even till I finished college. After job I started loosing hair and now πŸ™

  4. This am going to try it for sure coming weekend. Thanks so much..
    U look hot in black off shoulder dress.. <3

  5. Sooo beautiful hair Ana…I ‘ll surely try this hair pack..! :yes: :yes:
    I need to have long locks like yours..! how often do you have a haircut btw??

  6. i soooooo love your long hair…me too used to have waist long hair in school, but now its history…my hair refuses to grow, they even refuse to stay… :@

  7. Can you suggest any good brand extra virgin coconut oil Ana.. you look sooper gorgeous and I’m so in love with ur hair and looks…

  8. Nyc tips Anamika..Acha the coconut oil seems a lil milky in ur pics…I am confused sud I use coco oil or coco milk..and where can I get virgin coco oil Pls suggest

    • me too same question as sukanya is it coconut oil or coconut milk. will using patanjali coconut oil be OK please reply as i am dying to have shiny beautiful hair my hair is already long but lacks shine and has split ends

  9. Wow Anamika πŸ™‚ If this gets me hair even 50% as urs, m trying it for sure πŸ˜‰ can I microwave it instead of heating on a stove???

  10. Hi Anamika… tried this hair pack yesterday… (with regular coconut oil, couldnt catch hold of the virgin one)…. THANK U SO MUCH… LOV’D the effect on my hair…. in spite of having fine hair… it was sooo good….

    However, I have a query… should we refrain from applying this mask on the scalp…. as I had excess amount of the pack (4 spoons was a bit too much for my poor hair)… I applied it on my scalp also and let it stay on for 1 hour…. but after washing I felt my scalp was a tard bit raw….

    Should I have not left it so long…? Should I use lesser quantity..? Pls guide me hear…


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