Best Colored Contacts For Brown Eyes


Shilpa asks,

I got grey lenses and it makes me look so artificial.Is the brand  a problem or the shade of the lens ?.Please recommend a brand and the shade which will suit brown eyes.


how to choose colored contact lenses



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  1. hazel from freshlook suits my warm skin tone…. i have tried grey, topaz, green etc n i think hazel works best
    u can try a pack of daily disposable colored lenses from freshlook which has 5 different colored lenses.this pack is good for trial purpose

  2. Hello Shilpa,

    It not only depends on the eye colour but also your skin tone & eye-shape etc. So, you should keep on trying until you get a perfect match.
    Btw, I have brown eyes & medium skin tone, slightly towards fairer side…. I use Freshlook Blue Contact Lenses and they look so real ( people say that : 😀

  3. I personally feel that they are more chances of us wearing a grey color and making it look real. Apart from that hazel color also looks pretty good. I would suggest something with 3 color tones to it to make it look more natural. Try it out in the lens store to see which color suits you more and what shade/brand. A grey from one company can look completely whitish and ghostly while a similar thing from another will end up looking natural. Fresh look 3 tone ones are quite good.

    • i so agree on that..i have tried two different brand grey and they looked completely oppsoite. B&l natural contact lenses are good .


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