Best Colors To Wear With Orange Lipstick


Best Colors To Wear With Orange Lipstick

Hello Wise She Beauties,

We have often heard about women matching accessories, jewellery and shoes etc. with the dresses to wear but with the increasing addiction for makeup right from teenager days, has made women think about what color dresses to wear with their favorite lipsticks like a classic red! Oh yes, I was sitting in Dominos one day and suddenly spotted a pretty teenaged girl (she was not more than 16 years) who was decked up completely with matching lip color as her pretty pink polka dotted dress! I was looking at her like, ” God!ร‚ย  when I was of her age, I was so dumb and clueless about makeup!!” ๐Ÿ˜‰ :-p

Well, so here came the idea for this interesting post and I am going to share one of the most trending lip colors these days like Orange and what colors (obviously dresses/ outfits) are perfect to pair up with a stunning orange lipstick!

With pink dress you can wear pink, with a red dress you can wear red lipstick but an orange lipstick calls for an entirely different color of outfit which focuses more on the makeup, particularly lipstick!!

Here are some of my best ideas for colors to co-ordinate with orange lipsticks! Have a look!


blue with orange lipstick

Blue is a perfect shade which will beautifully focus on the vibrant orange lipstick and balance it out with the overall makeup! There are various shades of blue, like aqua blue, navy blue, etc which can easily go along when wearing a bright and tangy orange lipstick!


peach dress with orange lisptick

Peach is yet another lovely shade which can be opted if you are planning on to wear a bright orange hue on the lips. The overall look is certainly going to give you so many compliments for the perfectly co-ordinated dress & makeup!


white dress with orange lipstick

White is an extraordinary color which goes easily with so many vibrant hues like red, neon pink and so the orange lipstick is again a perfect tint which will look ravishing when paired with a white dress and be rest assured all the eye balls are going to catch you wherever you move! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Lakme orange tease fotd lakme

Another not so happening color is grey which will look great with orange hue. There are very few fancy outfits in the shade grey but casual shirts, tees & summer flared skirts in grey are perfect to pair with the orange lipstick and set the trend of carrying bold lipsticks which such toned down color outfits!


yellow dress orange lipstickyellow dress orange lipstick

A yellow maxi dress, top or a saree is perfect to go when you have taken out your favorite orange lipstick from the stash! The lovely combo of yellow and orange is yet another example of how a little effort can make you look look unique and center of everyone’s attraction!

Olive Green

orange lipstick olive gree dress

Olive green is a stunning color which will beautifully compliment the orange hue on the lips and will flatter the color on anyone who can carry orange shades effortlessly!


black dress orange lipstick

Well, the hottest combination is certainly the sensuous black outfit and the orange tint on the lips making it altogether a juicy combination! The black is surely one of those colors which one can opt without thinking twice as it is going to suit orange in every possible form be it a short dress, black maxi, or a black saree!! (Y)

I hope you like these ideas and colors which according to me are very apt to pair with your favorite orange lipstick shades!

So whenever you are doubt, have a quick look at these suggestions and scan through your wardrobe and select what you think will look best! So rock the orange lipstick!

Have you tried any of these colors with orange lipstick?

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