Best Concealer Hacks For Dusky Olive Skin Tones


Best Concealer Hacks For Dusky Olive Skin Tones

Our skin tones determines a lot of the makeup application tricks we use! For fair skin tones minor blemishes or acne marks are the objects of concern which look weird on the face and need to be concealed effectively for a flawless face!

Usually those who are born with clear and milky white skin tone are mostly concerned with the problems or acne marks which are usually left behind as an acne dries up and it appears more evident just because of the skin tone which is so light that practically any imperfections looks telescopic to the eye!

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I always had only one concern about my face and that was the breakout marks which I had to conceal while my cousin was more of the wheatish skin tone and her face looked flawless no matter she had acne or not. And I literally used to make wishes like God make me dusky please! I too want to not use anything on my face and look flawless.

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Over a few years my cousin’s wheatish skin tone changed drastically and her cheekbones started looking more dark and patchy as if sun damage darkened that area of her face! During a wedding occasion, when she used a matching base on her face, the uneven skin tone was obviously seen in the pictures because of some major ignorance of concealers like color corrector! While it is comparatively easier to use concealers of fair skin tones, doing the same on olive dusky skin tones may not necessarily give the same result!

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So, here I have some of the best concealer hacks which one can try for hiding imperfections on the Olive skin tones-

Using Color Corrector-

Another remarkable makeup hack for brightening the blemished area of the face without making the base look ashy is to use orange color corrector. It is really a great trick which can make a lot of difference when it comes to brightening the under eye area without making the concealer look evident!

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Using a Red Lipstick-

Well, this might come as a surprise but it actually works really well and cancels out the darkness under the eyes effectively! Although these days there are color corrector in each shade so it is up to you that you pick a red lipstick of an exclusive red based concealer for that purpose! 🙂

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Green Corrector as concealer-

Many of us suffer from red spots on the face which look bad and are not able to cover with a normal concealing product! Well for that purpose a green color correct comes really handy and it does nothing to reduce the skin tone and only counter balances the redness around the face thereby concealing!

Concealing white Spots-

Another pigmentation issue that arises with olive skin tones is the emergence of white spots which may be due to the loss skin pigment or too much sun exposure and to conceal that another useful trick is to use a base which is 1-2 two shades darker than your actual skin tone to counter the uneven tone and match it to the rest of the face!

Color Correcting Primer-

15 Color Comouflage Concealer Pallete Review

Always go for color correcting products like prime to prepare and even base for further makeup application! This will also make the makeup look flawless and natural to maximum extent and will also keep the makeup in place for a long time!

Go For Camouflage Palette-

Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Creme Palette 24 Color

The best way to keep various correcting options is to have a camouflage kit and use it for various concerns like hyper pigmentation, melasma etc.

Hope you like all these suggestions for the Dusky skin tones to conceal the imperfections of the face!

Have you tried these Concealing Tips before?

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