Best Concealer Palettes & Concealer Myths Busted


Best Concealer Palettes & Concealer Myths Busted

Concealer is an indispensable makeup product. It covers marks, redness, dark circles, pimples and scars or any other problem areas on skin. A concealer is truly a miracle product.

Colorbar Makeup Stick concealer

But before I start listing our favourite concealer pallets, it is important to clarify some common myths associated with concealers. Let us see what are they!

Myth- No need of foundation when using concealer. Achieve a more natural look by skipping the foundation and use just a concealer only where needed.

Reality- You’ll end up looking like you have little patches of concealer dabbed over your face. It will definitely not look natural. It simply won’t match with rest of your face.

Myth- Cover spots with concealer before foundation.

Reality- Well I wouldn’t say that this is a complete myth, because I have seen many beauty experts doing so and nailing their looks. But if you apply concealer before foundation, there are chances that you’ll end up with a coverage much higher than what you need. So conceal after foundation, it will allow you to see which areas on the face need more coverage.

Myth- Concealer creates a Mask on the face.

Reality- Yes it will, if not blended properly or if you have picked a wrong shade or a tone color.

Myth- No need of foundation. This concealer looks similar. One can apply it all over face. Kill two birds with one stone.

Reality- Concealer is meant to be used on small discolored areas (underneath the eyes, around the nose, on blemishes). It’s not an alternative to all-over foundation. So for rest of your face, you definitely need a foundation.

Myth- I don’t have acne or pimples, I don’t need to use concealer.

Reality- Most of us have skin imperfections. It can be dark circles, dark corners around nose or lips, small spots, clogged pores, blemishes, visible veins, bags under eyes and so on. So if you have any one of the above mentioned problems, my dear, you need a concealer.

So now, let us start going through the list!

MAC Pro Conceal Palette Medium Deep
mac pro concealing palette shades

A professional palette of four concealers and two corrector shades in a medium colour wave. Enriched with antioxidants and suited for all skin types, they can be used individually or combined to match any skin tone. Emollient-based formula delivers medium to full buildable coverage in a natural finish. Helps to correct skin tone and conceal dark circles, blemishes, moles, tattoos and birthmarks. Long-wearing, eight hours. Crease-proof, eight hours. Provides stay-true colour, eight hours. Dermatologist tested. Ophthalmologist tested. Non-acnegenic.

W7 Camouflage Kit Cream & Concealer Palette

W7 Camouflage kit review and swatches+W7 concealer kit reviews

W7 Camouflage Kit, Cream Concealer Palette Five shades of concealer. Mix and match to create your perfect concealer tone. Different areas of your face need a different tone of concealer for a natural finish. Your skin tone changes with the sun and varies with your day and night make up, even depending on how well you feel each day! So one shade will never be enough for that perfect result. With this great new product you can create as many tones and shades of concealer as you need. Presented in a mirrored compact with a double ended concealer brush.

15 Color Camouflage Concealer Makeup Pro Palette Kit:

concealer myths busted

This palette features the most commonly applied shades which are suitable for professional or home use. Leaving beside some 3-4 shades most colour are suitable for Indian olive skin tone. From medium , olive, fair and brown almost all colours are present in the palette. It has green and lavender as two color correctors and there is one highlighter too (shade1) in it. All the shades are light in consistency and are easily blendable and it doesn’t white cast too. It lasts easily for around 7-8 hours and doesn’t clog pores too however one does need to moisturize their skin well before using it as it might dry out your skin.

Did this post help in getting your Concealer Myths Busted?

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