Best Drugstore Body Scrubs To Checkout


Best Drugstore Body Scrubs To Checkout

During winters when most of the body parts remain covered, there is a certain tendency among people to skip an important body care routine in the shower and that is using a body scrub every week! Just because you are not wearing body revealing products doesn’t mean you can skip doing the exfoliation for the body! Just as the skin feels extreme dryness in winter season, the body skin also goes through similar and the upper layer of the skin needs regular exfoliation to remove it at regular intervals for a soft and smooth skin!

Well, here is the perfect list of products I have for you all! Checkout some great body scrub products and lay your hands on them soon to treat your skin perfectly this dry season!

The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Scrub

Price: $20.00 for 200ml.

It doesn’t dissolves easily in shower like sugar scrubs. It doesn’t dries the skin after exfoliating but in fact it is very moisturizing and not at all greasy like citrus sugar scrub.

The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Scrub

It has a very mild cocoa fragrance which is not at all dominating.

It is perfect for sensitive skin, even though granules are little bigger and evident but they are not harsh on the skin. It gets washed off from the skin easily in comparison to sugar scrubs.

TBS Cocoa Butter Body Scrub

Fruttini Lime Mint Body Lotion & Peach Pear Body Scrub

Price: INR 825 for 200ml

body scrub best

Fruttini Body Scrub stimulates the skin with micro-fine exfoliating beads andgently removes impurities. Genuine pear and peach extract combined with vitamin B3 and panthenol leave the skin feeling silky and well cared for.

Fragrance is not very strong and more towards the subtle side only so it doesn’t leave my bathroom smelling of the scrub only. Granules of the scrub are little larger than usual scrub but it’s not harsh at all.

Nature’s Essence Apricot Face and Body Scrub

Price: INR 145 for 60g

best body scrub

The texture of the scrub is creamy and it is white in color. It has light brown granules in it. Apricot scrub for face and body, with apricot oil and alovera juice which comes in an easy squeeze tube. It effectively removes fresh skin tanning from the body although it doesn’t work very well on the face!

This is surely one of the most affordable tan removal body scrubs one can get and use it sparingly all over the body for a smooth and nourished skin. I tends to even the skin tone in few weeks of usage!

Brillare Chocolate Face & Body Scrub

Price: INR 110 for for 100g

Brillare Chocolate Face & Body Scrub Review (4)

The scrub is of medium consistency and almost appears to be chocolate. Those who love to use chocolate products for skin care will find it too tempting and luxurious to use on the skin!

Brillare Chocolate Face & Body Scrub Review (2)

It is a great scrub for both the face and the body and given the cheap price you can indulge your self in a weekly scrubbing routine with this amazing body scrub!

Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub

Price: £8.00

Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub

It is medium thick and is good consistency for a body scrub. This is from the brand Soap and glory and this is a brand whose skin care products are surely awesome! This body scrub has scrub granules which are a little harsh on the face but for the body and areas like the elbows and the knees it works really well and removes the dead layer of skin effectively!

Bath And Body Works Signature Citrus Peach Citrus

Price: $14 for 269g

This body scrub helps smooth and refresh skin with a visible foaming action so you can feel it working. Enriched with nourishing Vitamin E, moisturizing Jojoba oil and soothing Aloe, this invorating formula helps skin look radiant and feel super smooth.

The fragrance of this product is heavenly and stays for about 2-3 hours. And the skin is clean and clear instantly! The scrubbing granules are perfectly sized and exfoliate the body gently!

So, what are you going to pick next as your body scrub gets empty soon?

Have you tried these body scrub products?

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