Best Dry Skin Moisturiser During Summer


By Shruthi ,
Could you pls suggest a good moisturiser for dry skin.I have white flakes coming out of my skin even in summer.

Dry Skin Moisturiser during summer


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  1. hello shruti …

    if you trust me buy ” Dr.Reddy’s VENUSIA Max ” comes in green and white color tube and is priced at 250/- INR for 150 gm.

    hubs uses this and sware by the results
    and not to mention i am the one who has seen the difference

    its recomnd. by doctor for very dry skin

  2. Shruthi you can use some nice creams that are suggested here. I don’t have much idea abt them. But I think you can try massaging some good oil like almond or olive oil on your skin once in a while. Might help with the dryness.

  3. oh mine is oily so can’t suggest any :-((
    but in winters when every one feels dryness, i use vaselene 24hr total moisture…it really works but don’t know how will it feel in summers ?:-)

  4. u can try garnier light moisturiser. it isn’t heavy for summers. i am dry skinned and if i use it in summers, though not very apt for winters.

        • quite reasonable..:)

          dry skin has the biggest problem of greasy feeling also..most of the skin either make the person feel too dry or too greasy ..

          • hmm.. but i never had greasy waali problem except with the biotique wheat germ cream. so i used it in nights. sometimes i have oily T-zone but that too not very often, never at least in winters. *touchwood*
            n this garnier says many things like reducing dark spots, making the skin tone even…. but i use it as a day cream. :silly: :silly:

  5. help in what? making me gori-gori? :beauty: :beauty: i dont think so…. use it as day cream though havent used this recently….

  6. Hi .dr reddy venusia intensive max cream can we applied on face dis cream…..plz tel me mam…. n it will work on acne scars too as I hav dry acne sensitive skin….plz tel me….

  7. Hello,
    I have very very very dry skin n also dry hair. plzzzzzzzzz suggest moisturizer, shampoo and body lotion…plzzzzzzzzzzz


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