Best Essential Oils For Hair Growth


Shipra asks,


Can you let me know about the essential oil which helps in hair growth and prevents hair loss.Also , how you use it ?


best essential oil for hair growth


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  1. The best i found is the Rosemary oil..which is a great stimulant.. 🙂
    I used to make the oil my self by infusing but u can get it from stores very should be combned with other carrier oils like olive oil,coconut (the one you like)…
    Other essential oil that works well is the peppermint oil ..

    • Hi nisita… You can get it any supermarket or medical shop if it is available or ask them ur needs then they will buy it for u … bec I bought it from YES YES SUPERMARKET at anna nagar.. you can try there..

  2. Hi Beauties..i also have question on hair oil..i use coconut oil ut want to change..i have heard oilve oil is good.. but what type of oilve oil..can you help? which brand?


  3. lavender oil is also good.. if you are too lazy to put EO in oils.. put two-four drops in a mug of water and use as last rinse.. spread well on scalp n hair… :lashes:
    jojoba oil is the best hair serum ever.. spread 2 drops on almost-dry hair and comb gently… it makes hair super manageable… and wont make it sticky…one small bottle lasts forever.. :yes:


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