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Nisha asks,


I have read about girls using lot of essential oil in skin care and hair care but I am not much aware about them.Does essential oil requires diluting?How do we use them and which essential oil is best for skin care or should I start with.Are they really effective.?

Please guide 🙂


Best essential oil for skin care



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  1. yup nisha essential oil requires diluting before using as dey r in concentrated form. u can dilute dem in carrier oil like jojoba oil, almond oil , virgin olive oil. n wht type of oil u choose depends on ur skin type.i have oily acne acne prone skin so i use 10 drops of tea tree oil, 5 drops of lavender oil in 2 tbps of jojoba oil. i really helps in calming my skin n keeping d zits away. whtever essential oil u use keep d concentration either 1-1.5% thts( 6-9 drops in 1 tbsp carrier oil) or 2.5%( 15drops in 2tsp carrier oil). i wld reccomend u to start frm lesser conc. to c how ur skin works :-))

    • wow Tulips, are u an aroma therapist?… this was so good… I have essential oils that I use in the diffuser for aroma therapy candles. Can I use them on skin? or maybe in my bath as in one bucket of water?

      • hehe thanks forum.. noop m no aroma therapists 😀 😛 ..m skin has gone bonkers frm past few months :weep: so did i a lots of research on natural ways to get rid of zits!! n no dear d ones u use in diffuser cannt be used for skin :nono: i use essentials n carriers oils frm aroma magic n fab india. dey r preety good n affordable :-))

        • Oh ok… thanks for telling me… I was planning to use them in my bath… they are all called essential oils… it’s so confusing. Thought it’s all the same

  2. hey I am completely green on essential oils but I have acne scars and would love to hear what you recommend and which essential oils to use and buy……live in New Zealand


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