Best Eye Makeup Brushes For Beginners


Best Eye Makeup Brushes For Beginners

Eye Makeup is definitely not as easy as it looks in most Youtube/ Insta tutorials.  It takes a lot of practice to hold and apply eye makeup products which will actually look good. So, if you know someone who does killer eye makeup, compliment them because that’s an art.

Having said that, I too was clueless about any kind of makeup but because I loved it too much, I never gave up and went on trying & experimenting different makeup techniques to get the best of the tips which worked for me.

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Another thing which added to my addiction with makeup, especially eye makeup was good makeup brushes. Having said that, I can say I have used some of the most amazing makeup brushes till today. So, I know which are the ones you can invest in blindly and you will not be disappointed at all.

Based on my past as well as recent experiences, I thought of compiling a list of best eye makeup brushes for beginners. You can be a new bride/ bride to be or someone who is obsessed with makeup and love to flaunt it whenever you get a chance to!

Mac 239 Eye Shading Brush


Price: $25

If you are talking about one must have eye brush, I would take this name as the first one out of a few more. MAC brushes are undoubtedly class apart and a makeup artist or a makeup lover will sooner or later start buying these once they have used this brush.

MAC 239 REVIEW+239 MAC review+MAC makeup brush reviews+MAC

It has soft and dense bristles which pick up the right amount of eye shadow. One can use it for various purpose such as highlighting, lower lash line, smudging etc.

This brush will last for ages with practically no shedding and it is simply a pleasure to use this brush for eye makeup.

Sigma Medium Sweeper Brush E54

Price: US $16

sigma e54 eye shading brush+ mac 239 dupe

The E54 Medium Sweeper Brush features a dense, wide brush head ideal for exact product placement on lid. It is a universal brush for cream or powder products. Interestingly, this brush is also considered a close dupe of MAC 239 Eye Shading Brush.

sigma e54 brush look

Dense fluffy and wide headed brush and is great for shading and blending of eye shadows. It is a flat brush so it takes right amount of eye product. There is really little eye shadow fall out with this brush. It provides smooth and even finish on eye lids. A perfect brush with great control for application on crease area

Sigma Extreme Color Payoff Kit

Price: $66

Sigma Extreme Color Payoff Kit brush

The Extreme Color Payoff Kit contains six brushes designed to deliver a strong and pigmented application of eye shadows, bases and liners. The different shapes and sizes of the bristles allow you to create a variety of looks while providing an intense and concentrated color payoff.

Sigma Extreme Color Payoff Kit brush set

Its fibers are synthetic which are different from the traditional animal hair ones but the performance is definitely worth trying.

  • E20S- Short Shader
  • E44- Firm Blender
  • E57- Firm Shader
  • E58- Cream Color
  • E59- Wide Shader
  • E30S- Pencil

MAC 217 Synthetic Blending Brush

Price: $24

mac 217 blending brush

This is another eye brush which I would like to include in this list of brushes for beginners. This is a must have brush for the shading or blending of powder based or creamy products. This brush has luxuriously soft, densely packed fibers that are arranged in an oval shape.

Real Techniques Eye Makeup Brush Starter Set

Price: $16.99

real techniques eye brush set review

This set of 5 brushes is aptly called the starter set for eye makeup so all the new makeup enthusiasts can definitely try this set before investing in other high end makeup brushes. The set includes:

  • Deluxe Crease Brush
  • Base Shadow Brush
  • Accent Brush
  • Fine Liner Brush
  • Brow Brush

WiseShe Flat Eye Makeup Brush Set & WiseShe Pro Eyeshadow Crease Blending Brush Set

WISESHE by Anamika Pro Eye Brush set

Well, since this is my brainchild after a lot of thought and efforts in manufacturing affordable and easy to use eye brushes. I think I will surely recommend it to all the beginners, especially eye makeup. The quality has been given utmost priority and so you will not be disappointed if you have this brush set.

wiseshe by Anamika brushes

Each set consists of two brushes designed exclusively for eye shadow application & Eye crease blending. It is up to you how efficiently you make use of these brushes and achieve an eye makeup look without burning your pocket.

Flat Eye Makeup Brush Set

Price: INR 600 (Set of 2)

  • PRO Shadow Brush
  • PRO Smudge Brush

Eye Shadow Crease Blending Brushes

Price: INR 750 (Set of 2)

  • PRO Crease Brush
  • PRO Domed Crease Brush

Hope you like the list of must have and the best in class brushes for eye makeup suitable for beginners. I have not made this list too lengthy as that can consfuse anyone.



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