Best Eye Makeup With False Eyelashes


Best Eye Makeup With False Eyelashes

Hey girls! I am sure many of you must have fantasized about the false eyelashes. These lashes look extremely gorgeous & sexy & when paired with the right eye makeup, they really steal the show. We take a look at some of these eye makeup looks you can try on to flutter those lashes!

Subtle Eye Makeup & False Eyelashes:

To make the false eyelashes really stand out, you can keep the eyes subtle. Simply use a neutral eye shadow color & pair it with a liner. You may also put on a neat stroke of kohl on the waterline. This looks simple & elegant & is a great pick for an evening party look.


Golden Eyes & False Eyelashes:

False eyelashes with gold eyes give you a very classy look. Simply apply a gold pigment on your eyelids. In fact, you can even create a smoky look by adding a bit of black eye shadow if you do not want the gold color to look over-the-top. Apply a thick coat of liner on the upper eyelid & a bold layer of kohl on the waterline. Complete this look by putting on the false eyelashes & applying lots of mascara to give them a dense look. This is a really pretty & festive look which you can try out!


Green Glitter Party Look:

For a vibrant glitter party look, try on this lovely green eye makeup. This is a gorgeous shimmery look which pulls all the focus to your eyes. With matte green eyeshadow as base, the glitter gives out a very ethnic vibe. Pair this up with false eyelashes, liner & kohl & you are good to go!


The Bridal Look:

Almost every Indian bridal look involves heavy makeup which is especially focused around the eyes. This is a stunning copper color which is a great pick to go with a bridal outfit. A black eye shadow can also be blended along with the pigment to create a smoky look. Next apply a liner & go a bit bold on the kohl on your waterline. Pair this up a pair of false eyelashes & mascara.


Silver Eyes With False Lashes:

Bright silver eyes never fail to impress & always stand out in a crowd! After priming your eyes, apply a black shadow as the base & then apply the silver pigment on top of it. Blend these well to create a smooth & even finish. In addition, also apply the silver & black eye shadow on the lower lash line to create a dramatic look. Next, take a gel eyeliner & apply on the waterline as well. Now complete this look with the false lashes & make them dense with lots of mascara.


Have you tried any of these lovely eye makeup looks with false lashes?



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