Best Eyeliner Which Stays For Long & Dos Not Sting

Ashi asks
Dear Wiseshe Family
I love reading all the posts of yours and make it a point to go through the site at least once a day.. And trust me when i say this, its so refreshing.I tend to forget all issues for sometime and just calm down.. Kudos to all of you..
One thing i wanted to ask was, which eye pencils do you think stays for long on the waterline and does not sting.. I have tried Faces eye pencil reading the review but it makes my eyes all watery.. Even the color bar one.. it would be great if you guys can suggest something.. Also Anamika (I think this is gonna sound really dumb), but still, could you please make up a glossary of the abbreviations used like EOTD et al.. I really dunno what these words mean..
best eyeliner which stays for long and does not sting


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  1. i have very watery eyes, very few pencils stay on my waterline, the best i have found are -l’oreal contour khol and lakme kohl ultimate. you could try gel eyeliners too 🙂
    hope this helped 🙂

  2. EOTD mean eye of the day… FOTD means face of the day.. LOTD means look of the day .. Dear!

    U can try maybelline gel eyeliner in black on the waterline..coz that kinda stay on waterline even if u have a very moist waterline. try it n lemme know! :-))

  3. Hi! My waterline is also kinda watery..but wot I e found stays on best is faces smudge proof kajal and maybelline gel liner…these stay the longest 🙂

  4. Hi,
    anyone at all tried using cake eyeliners? I used a lot of eyeliners, maybelline, revlon pencils none wil stay for long without touch ups. So I trick a bit,
    I use cake eyeliner Miss Claire or Natural Collection on my waterline first n then any kajal, curntly using Lakme absolute pencil. That way even when it fades, it stil looks like a more natural line thn an abruptly faded one.

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