Best Face Bleach Recommendations


Ruchi asks,


How often will you recommend bleaching your face?Please suggest some of your favourite bleach which is suitable for sensitive skin.



best bleach recommendations for sensitive skin


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  1. maximum of twice a month…Dont go out in the sun immediatly and use sunscreen always. try Oxybleach suits sensitive skin because of the pre-bleach cream..I dont like Olivia…it makes me look like a yellow clown…. πŸ˜€

  2. I wouldn’t recommend bleaching more than once a month unless the facial hair is a problem.The skin becomes very sensitive to the sun and if you bleach often, the skin ll actually go all red and start burning. U can try some home made packs if you just bleach to get rid of tanning πŸ™‚

  3. Try Fem bleaches I like them a lot

    I have been using the Pink colored variant of Fem since 5 years and I bleach every month

    Haven’t seen any side effects but do the patch test alwaz fr any new bleach

  4. i like jolen the best. i do it at home too..i have sensitive skin and this works well. if I have to go for a party/function, i laways use it 2 days before so that any redness that occurs can be taken care of..

  5. i would not recommend bleaching for removal of tan. And if its to lighten facial hair, be advised that in most of the ‘bleach at home’ kits you might have to use a tad more activater to lighten facial hair. it makes sensitive skin red . i have picky skin and earlier i used to use just once in 2 months now its probably once in 3-4 months πŸ™‚

  6. hi,this is my first comment here though im following this blog religiously since month.good one,u gals are great. coming to the question,i bleach like once in two months. i like fem gold glow bleach above all. hope this helped.

  7. Hi,
    I have been using NatureÒ€ℒs Essence Gold Bleach. Its quite a gud one for sensitive skin, even my skin being sensitive. Also u can use it at home…Gives a good glow to your skin..

  8. oxy bleach is best since it comes with the pre-bleach cream, i have sensi combi-skin, and i bleach once in two months (depends) :yippee: i preferably bleach at night, it gives my skin enough time to stay out of sun lol :sun:

  9. i too have avery dry and sensitive skin and fem gold bleach worked wonders for leaves a beautiful glow and it desnt seem as if u actually bleached your skin…the effect is very long lasting…but i would want to give a small tip to everyone that never keep a bleac for ore than 4 mins coz u wil end up with a golden tinge hair which looks good in light but during the day in natural light it looks very funny.

  10. I have a weird skin combination… combination skin that is too dry and quickly turns super oily. I also have open pores and suffer from irritation. Any recommendations?

  11. olivia hands down is the one i go to…i bleach for facial hair and i’ve very sensitive skin… this bleach works great to lighten hair , remove tan and even out the skin tone…also no breakouts…

  12. Puhleez jus DONT use VLCC bleaches. Dey r disasters :guns:
    i have sensitive skin, so Nature essence gold bleach suits me. right now, em using olivia bt its like ok-ok for me. I bleach once in 2-3 months. for first few times, go to beauty parlours den u can do at home easily. Hope dat helps :drunk:


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