Best Face Pack For Blemishes Suggestions


Shalini asks,

My blemishes are my worst nightmare…Please suggest some face packs that will help me tackle them…


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  1. I dunno how useful facepacks are for blemishes..
    u shud try a hydrogen peroxide cream in mild quantities on the spot for removing dead skin and getting up newer layers of ur skin. however do consult a dermat before that as they can suggest the right strength of cream for u

      • its a gel based tube u get at chemist..I’ve used one called Bengel. but pls consult doc before using it. I was suggest by my doc. Consistent use really improved my skin texture alot..(I had very oily skin)

  2. try using aqua marina regularly and religiously, also you can use essential oils for blemished skin, neoveda has specific essential oil for same, try using papaya pack too 🙂 improve your diet,and yes pls consult ur doc too..

  3. Tretin 0.025% or 0.050%…its a spot treatment cream which my derma had prescribed which helped me reduce the pigmentation or you can also try any cream which has koijic acid+ vitamin c

  4. You can apply a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder on the blemish marks . If lemon juice suits you can also mix it. Rubbing potato slices on the face also help with blemish marks.

  5. fresh alove vera + rosewater helped me reduce 80%of my pimple marks… try ERYTOP cream if u havent, that really works

  6. yups its actually working for me.. though my skin is oily and the cream has thick consistency it doesn’t make it more oily…
    but with that do try the neem and tulsi face pack at least 3 times a week and grate one potato apply its paste over your face… rub around for 5 min leave for 10 more mintues and wash off. Do this 3 times a week and you will notice the difference for sure.. try at least for a week 🙂


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