Homemade Face Pack For A Glowing Skin


Fruit Face Mask Recipe
Since the time I have come from my parents house I am trying to become a good girl :cute:by drinking cucumber juice with some bottle gourd in it :P:P .My father asks us every day whether we have been taking care of our diets so I pushed myself and  started taking baby steps in terms of fitness.

This is why I gave the papaya face pack recipe a week back:).When I made the cucumber and bottle gourd drink I was left with some  pulp so I thought of making cucumber face mask today or watermelon face mask whatever you may call it.This recipe is my own version and I have included the ingredients which suits my skin in summers.(I have oily skin )

So lets start with homemade face pack recipe

Grate 2 tsp of cucumber  .I have some bottle gourd pulp in it this is why it is little black in colour.

Cucumber For Skin  –

Cucumber and our skin has same level of hydrogen therefore it becomes easy for the cucumber to work on the problem areas.Helps in soothing and softening the skin and imparts a glow to the face.


Face Pack+Homemade Face Pack

Step2 – Add 2tsp. of watermelon juice in it.I just grated a piece of watermelon in it.

Watermelon juice for skin

Watermelon juice helps in clearing the skin , removes all blemishes and makes it look fresh.It acts as a toner and regular use of it reduce  pore size.

Homamade Face Packs+Face Packs For glowing skin

Step3 – Add 1tsp. of yogurt.

Yogurt For skin

Lactic acid in yogurt soothes , softens and tightens the skin and helps in refining the pores.

I added 1tsp. of gram flour(besan ) in it to bind the pack .If you have milk powder then that would certainly be a better option.

How to get a glowing skin+Face Pack


Mixed all the herbal face pack ingredient :P.It looks beautiful , healthy and fresh 🙂

Fruit Facial+Homemade Facial Masks

I applied the face pack for 10 minutes and washed it off with lukewarm water and then splashed some cold water again.

Face Pack for dry skin –

If you have dry skin then increase the quantity of curd and reduce watermelon quantity.A drop of glycerin will be an added advantage.

and we are done 🙂 :blush: :blush:

It took me five minutes in preparing it and 15 minutes in keeping and washing it off but it gave me a nice glow which I completely loved.

Try this pack before leaving for a party it will help in giving more of a dewy look.

Have a great day ahead 🙂

Do you have any favorite fruit face mask recipe ?

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  1. nopes anks it was very comforting as i added gram flour in it naa..it helped in sticking the pack and then washing it off was like any other gram flour pack:)

  2. wow, nice anu will try… i use only cucumber juice & yogurt..will mixx allll. :beauty: :beauty: …..
    anu plz tell if i want to buy cosmetic product online, which site is good for it..

  3. thanks for sharing this home-made face mask..very economical since everything is available at home plus natural..So you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals on your skin.. Perfect mask!

  4. Thanks, uploading is not necessary, if you want you can skip it :-)) Just wanted to tell you that I always wait for your Herbal & natural tips & do try to use them. :-))

    • i love them too…although i think it is not much of interest for most of girls because of the time factor but still i do them 🙂

      thanks for encouraging me..how is yur blog going?

  5. a fruit salad for face 🙂 can add banana for dry skin 🙂 watermelong is an amazing toner….and cucumber is obviously one of the best…I don’t like bottle gourd but yup it has a lot of benefits internally as well as externally!!!!!

  6. I’ve tried this kinda face pack and It leaves my super oily skin leaving fresh (but ofcourse,not more than 1 hour 😛 )

  7. can we apply facepacks daily??let me tell u that i m having oily skin….
    my hands are becoming dark day by day ..tell me some easy and quick tips for that… my feets are also becoming dark..suggset some tips for that..
    can we wash our hairs through besan instead of shampoo….?????? 🙂

    • no i don think so one should apply face pack daily.
      for dry hand apply vaseline and wear gloves if possible and sleep ..in the morning yur hands will be soft and moisturised.

      for besan for hair washing i am not sure.

  8. hey buddy papaya causes irritation in my skin plz suggest something else…. i have dry skin.. i have normal complexsion like malika sheravar… ……. i want my skin to glow n look fairer….. am 21 years old…… 🙂 :-)) 😀 :laugh: 🙁 :-(( 😥

  9. I know couple of shortcut to easiest way to get clear, glowing skin. Eating raw food and exfoliating the skin. There is a very effective ancient skin rejuvenation method by using only plain water. It is amazing how it works you can actually see the old skin cells rolling off your skin.

  10. If you can eat it, is safe to put on your skin. 🙂 I just want to say thanks for all you have suggested natural home made treatments for hydrate the skin of the face, I can imagine you must have worked hard for this article. Also I like to share that for have my skin glowing I exfoliate my body regularly for keep my skin soft, smooth and glowing . Baiden Mitten and Ancient Skin Rejuvenation Ritual (Google, Facebook, Bing)


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