Best Faces Cosmetics Products For Fair Skin


Yukta asks,


I have been planning a visit to  faces cosmetic store visit after seeing so many reviews and swatches here.Could you please recommend any bluhses, eyeliners, lip gloss for fair skin ?


Best faces blush for fair skin


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  1. Hi yukta i have just bought the faces eyeliners and i think blue as well as green will suit your fair complexion,get the forest green its an amazing color :yes: :yes:

  2. I would definitely recommend the Long wear Eye pencil – these are available in 10 Shades 🙂
    The Ultra lip gloss is also pretty good. Would love to see the reviews.

  3. faces eyeliner pencils.. any day.. I’ve all the 11 shades 🙂 awesome worth for money buy!
    Faces moisture rich lipstick (bit pricey) u can try the new go-chic range of ls’s too, blush – burnt sienna, eyeshadow – Ishine quads! thats all I can think of now 🙂 good luck with ur shopping 🙂

  4. I would recommend the eye pencils…they come in gorgeous shades and are really long-staying!…apart from that their eyeshadow singles are great in quality!


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