Best Face/skin illuminator – Wise She Reader Question

By Chandana,
I have few beauty queries.

wise she reader question

1) What product should i use to get a glow on face after applying foundation. I think it is called a highlighter but i dont know which product to use and how to use.
2) I have a few grey hair. i tried applying henna but i dint like the reddish tinge it gives to the hair. any suggestions for a home made pack wihich gives black hair.
Hope you will  help me with these queries. Thanks a ton. Good day
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  1. Hi Chandana,
    skin illumiNators are available in powder, cream and many other forms.they are available in revlon, loreal and neutrogena brand a nice glow to your face but needs to be used in a small amount.otherwise one can land up looking like a gold sheet.

    best to use them is when u r going in a party.

    for grey hair..when ever u apply heena add shikkai powder in it and let it stay will give you black hair colour though a slight hint of cop perish red will still stay there.

    I have heard that shanaz hussain has a black herbal highlighter.i have not used it but u can try if it works for u as the product claims to be herbal.

    • thanks a lot anamika for posting my queries. plz do a tutorial on applying these illuminators.. what all should i mix in henna along with shikakai powder

      • ok chandana i will try..there is nothing much to do in it though…

        heena+amla+shikakai powder+(boil tea leaves in water) and mix it with the heena..let it stay overnight.

  2. Oriflame and Avon Face pearls are good for highlighting. Just use with an angular brush. Anamika, that shahnaz husain highlighter is a total waste of money….its extremely ineffective

    • Thanks for letting me know girl..:)

      i was thinking of gifting it to my friend..she is using hair colours and wanted something herbal and quick..

  3. Hi anamika, for grey hair i would suggest you to take out some gooseberry(amla)juice and keep it in iron(loha ka pan)pan overnight, then in the morning apply this juice to your hair, keep it for 20 mins and then rinse out, do not shampoo.. you wil hav gorgeous black hair.. and i have no idea about illuminator.

  4. Revlon Illuminator is very best. I have used it in the past, but not very frequently. I guess it was of 675/- (but not 100% sure), as it was almost one and half or two years back. But, that definitely looked superb on skin. There are just two shades for that, one for dark skin n one for light skin. I lost mine while coming back from hostel. 🙁 n nevr bought it again, as i hv found tht even eyshadows in ur own skin tone with little shimmer particles also work as a good highlighter.

  5. sorry dear,
    you have not used it anywhere. but a friend of mine
    suggestd i can mix indigo with henna. according to her indigo is khatha. i am a bit apprehensive.
    that’s why i wanted your advice.


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