Best Facial For Dry Skin



Hi everyone!
I have dry skin and I am 28 now.I have never tried facial not even in my marriage and now when my skin has started aging and getting more dry I am thinking of going for facial.Can you suggest me any facial which will work for my dry skin?How many times one should go for it and can they be done at home ?

Best Facial for dry skin

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  1. Hi, I don believe in facial but i can tell you an amazing facial for dry skin which s honey mask just apply warm clothes on your face and let your pored get open up.apply honey for 15-30 minutes and then wash it off with cold this consecutive for three days and then once a week and u wont need any parlor facial

  2. good morning,

    i unfortunately have no idea because of any facial, but my tipp for dry skin is drinking a lot of water and herbal tea; it’s a facial “from inside” 🙂 – it works.

    wish you a lovely and joyful day!

  3. If u want facial treatment than I think u must go to the parlor & ask them what would suit u most… They will give u suggestion after examining your skin

  4. Hi Ritika,

    Even I am 28 and have dry skin… I was a regular for facials and believe me they dont work. The glow will last for only 2-4 days. Its better u apply vitamin e creme at nites. Similarly apply malai in the mornings b4 taking bath. The crux is apply gud moisturizers and stay hydrated. Also I have been advised by dermatologists to use a soap called Zyndet. This is available in pharmaceuticals and believe me this is the mildest soap. Also there will be visible diff in 3 months regd skin texture

  5. hi Ritika ,

    you can follow a regular ctm routine every night before sleeping……..
    cleanse with a mild cleanser like cetaphil. tone with rose water(patanjali is a good one) and massage ur face lightly with olive or almond oil mixed with vit e oil. almond oil causes allergic reactions on some, so test before using.

    also u can use a face pack weekly, make a mix of fresh cream, turmeric , honey and whole wheat flour,……..the key is nourishment and hydration.

    hope it helps 🙂

  6. Always be happy,wake up early morning,take i hour running have at least 4 let water in a day,avoid junk food,be positive,m sure u will look like a Bollywood celebrity :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :-*


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