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By Razi,


I have question to all the members and followers of wise she, I  want to know “a good fairness cream for EVERYDAY USE, with spf and without spf”.Its not that I  want to get fair overnight or something but would love to use a product that will diminish the dark marks and scars,thank you.


Best Fairness Cream Review



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  1. Razi, plz don’t be upset but fairness is genetic and we Indians can never become Katrina or Rahul Gandhi type “fair” nor one can become fair over night!!
    Only thing which is in our hand is to suppress & lower the melanin from our skin to lighten skin tone. For this u will have to follow some rules very “Strictly”
    1. whatever fairness cream u use, use twice a day (olay natural white has good reviews by anamika, I personally like Revlon touch & glow fairness cream)
    2. don’t step out in sun without “sunblock” even foe 2minutes also! Remember I said “sunBLOCK” not sunscreen!
    3. If also u have applied sunblock, don’t expose your skin to “DIRECT” sunlight. Wear sunglasses, hat, full sleeve dress (or a suncoat over your dress), thin cotton socks.
    4. apply a face pack of raw haldi + besan 3-4 times a week for 1month at least. I’m sure u will get +ve results!!

    • hi Prerana thanks for the concern but i made it very clear in my question that my problem is mainly with blemishes. And forget about turning into FIRANGI type complexion because i personally never met anyone who turned fair (at least say 3 shades whiter)after using any cream. Thanks for your reply and yeah i will try Olay soon and will let you know the outcome.

  2. i have used Olay natural white light day cream with spf20. it’s great! it gives such a glow to ur face and reduces black spots. another good cream would be Himalaya fairness cream which i’m using right now and it’s perfect for summer. 🙂

  3. Fab india depigmentation cream is really good in removing blemishes. However ti is advisable to stop using it once your skin is good. You can continue with a normal cream after that.

  4. Razi as you said you want to diminish the dark marks and scar, the only thing that I can suggest is Cucumber,I had mark left by kitchen burn & applying cucumber regularly took care of that, it’s good for face too :yes:
    Can’t suggest a particular product bcoz no product has worked for me to get rid of the marks or scars on face.

  5. as usual prerna the guru is right……………… 😎

    i totally agree with her……..
    i have vry fair skin but my black black bad dark circles spoil my look all the time ………

    i dont find any solution ……. 😥 😥 😥

  6. Hi
    first of all, fairness is subjective, meaning if one is wheatish or dark skin, one can only become one or two shades lighter. But one cannot become milky fair skin by using fairness products.
    Today , there are a number of fairness and whiteness products and also even complexion products.
    I have personally tried whitening and even complexion products since i had uneven pigmentation throughout my face at one point of time.
    The best whitening i achieved was with Vichy’s Bi White Range, which has a whole range of products such as Day Cream, Serum, night Cream and Face Wash.
    Other than that, i used Olay total white day cream in summers, which i found very good for hot & humid months.
    I am currently using Shiso day and night cream and also face wash from The body Shop, though its gud for winters and for dry skin, its not worth spending the money on!!!…
    Hope this helps!!

  7. Hi raz,
    for your problems i would recommend Bio coconut de-pigmentaton cream. I have been using the same since the last 4-5 months and it gives you good results although a little slowly.
    My blemishes have lightened considerably and the darker patches might take a little longer time frame 😀 . Since it is also Herbal, it has not become my HG day night any anytime anywhere cream for my dry skin. What more can i ask for…. Thanks to Wiseshe recomendation. :clap: :clap: :clap:

  8. does lakme perfect radiance cream really work?which one is better-Lakme perfect radiance or olay natural white day cream?

  9. Hi,
    I’m a Sri Lankan and I’m currently using Neutrogena fina fairness CREAM , not the LOTION. I have a oily and very sensitive skin. After using the cream, my skin became very dull and rough. It does not absorb in to skin. I’m struggling to find a good moisturizer+SPF+Fairness. The cream I used previously is a product of one of the local cosmetic surgen which I found as very good.. since its a whitening cream and its not supposed to use for a long term I paused using the same and finally got in to this problem. I know that lotion kind of thing would support me but no way of finding such. 🙁

  10. plz sujst me a good brand for removing tanning……or a good sunscreen or fairness…….m totally confused knowing lot n lot of fairness creams in mall……..lotus revlon himalaya oriflame ???????which to chose……m havin a normal skin………

  11. Hi..
    Actualy I hv pigmentation n dark circles evn my skin is litle dry .. I jst want a toned skin ..cud u help..???
    I’ll b obliged if anyone cud..
    Thank u so much

  12. I used ganier l ight for day cream and pai mei whitning cream for night now I got my skin dull and some blemishes the both cream is got allegy or what is the problem I ask garnier light is the good one but why I got these problems pls anyone can solve this and tell me ,befor I have oily skin but now some areas dull and dry pimmples also pls solve this

  13. Hi girls i have tried everthing
    But ponds white beauty works very well when compared to garnier light,lotus,lakme perfect all of u try ponds white beauty.
    Thanks :yes:

  14. hi..but i used ponds white beauty once…but i becam even mor dark…im medium colour…pls help me to get fair,clear skin….cream,face wash alll…fair eb lovely im using now…but no muc diff…. ll be best,,,then i hav medium hair…wat hair oil and shampoo s best 2 get thick hair….

  15. hi..but i used ponds white beauty once…but i becam even mor dark…im medium colour…pls help me to get fair,clear skin….cream,face wash alll…fair eb lovely im using now…but no muc diff…. ll be best,,,then i hav medium hair…wat hair oil and shampoo s best 2 get thick hair…. :tap-dance: :lipstick:

  16. keep chemical based fairnes solutions at bay…….!! HoMe ReMedies R d Beshtt__! Dey wunt hve ny side effects n giVE +ve RESULTS !!! & wait pATiently!! :yes:

  17. ?:-) hey, my skin tone is getting more n more dark. After 15 days, i have to attend a big function. pls suggest me somthing so that i can regai my skin tone… pls friends…

  18. Hello,

    I have extra sensitive skin. I am allergic to many medicines. My complexion has become darker than it was. I was fair and had very smooth skin.
    My facial skin is more sensitive so it has tanned a lot. I have tried using Olay natural white, olay total effect, and equate sunscreen but unfortunately it has negative effect on me.

    My doc has suggested not to use Besan, curd as M allergic to them, so cannot do any home remedy.
    Have tried Himalaya moisturizer, fairness cream and face wash but it also has no effect on my skin.


  19. make a paste of cucumber, fresh haldi, lemon n honey n freeze it.. Apply when u go to slp n leave it over night.. U can keep in refrigerator use the same for 5days.. With a week u find ur skin glowing

  20. DAILY CREAM : PONDS WHITE BEAUTY , When this cream before i will use that time this giving good result but.
    now recently this packing is changed, it was very thickens not good i would like to when this is start ( ponds white beauty ) that only good quality. please u can produce the before ponds cream. in the market.

    thanking you

  21. I am Sri Lankan.I have a one acne scar on my cheek from more than 10 months. I tries many many things for that.A last I channeled a skin specialist.But still no results.

  22. ‘m 18 yr old,I’ve oily skin….. I tries many things for ths oily skin….. now ‘m using clean & clear facewash,’m nt usng any daily fairness cream…… so ‘ll u suggest me the best & best fairness cream for oily skin…… ‘ll hope u ‘ll give the best product… 😐

  23. wtever you do . pls dnt use the .. garnier light .. fairness cream.! i have very. sensetive and pimple prone skin .. although it has reduced a bit over a couple of years ..! i have used fair and lovely .. some couple of times and have .. accured fairly moderate results . ! but this … garnier’s fairness cream .. leave aside fairness!! simply takes away the moisture and glow out of your face :teeth: .. making it kinnda rough and dull .! it also looks likea white coating on ur face :-/

  24. hi frndsss………! I am using fair & lovely everyday! but no results. always pimples are arising in my skin! could anyone suggest aa ayurveda cream for my oily skin? plz..viewers

  25. Hi!!!… My problem is I don have an oily skin but a beautician told that my skin had an oily upper layer… So if I use something for dry skin my face doesn’t feel fresh.. N if I use something for oily skin my face feels good but after a while I start getting allergy due to extra dryness.. I need a cream dat makes me look fresh for atlst three hours cos I go to work… Plz help

  26. Hi ,

    I am bhavana , am 22 years old .. Am in medium colour , day by day am becoming dark so i request you to kindly tell me the best fairness cream fir my skin. My skin is dry skin

    • u do every thing dear dont be apset………u use every night ,,,,, attitude cream,,,,,,, porduct 4 amay is a expensiv but good for u fasce this give u visibly fairer,glowing skin in just 4 week…….. 🙂

  27. there’s a cream called Faiza. It works really well and is safe, but u are only allowed to use it at night. I tried it and it worked for me but as time passes the cream doesnt make u any fairer. Do not use Goldern Pearl, the cream causes cancer and burns you after you turn white. Very dangerous! Im also medium in complexion. Iv discovered that 1 cream wont continue to make you fair, each cream has a limit. U need to check at the stores which other creams are safe to use and switch the product. Also simple home remedys like lemon juice helps alot. There is also a cream called ‘Satvik’, its pure herbal. It instantly lightens suntan

  28. Hi ,

    I am jessy , am 23 years old .. Am in dark colour , so i request you to kindly tell me the best fairness cream to become fair My skin is oily skin.I am waiting for ur answer

  29. hi,

    i m anju. am 21 years old… . . . am in white color n dry skin… bt m confusing vch cream is suitable for my face…. soo kindly req u to tell me best cream…. i.e suitable for my face….

  30. Hi,,, I’m rifka from kandy .i have medium colour, dry dayby day my colour is gong 2be dull .plzzzzzzzzzzzz,kindly rqst ,tell me the best fairness cream to me,

  31. Hii… I’m Ritu . i’ve medium colour, normal skin. bt im feeling that my skin is becoming day by day dull nd dark. so plzzz.. suggest me best fairness cream…. :-)) 🙂

  32. hi
    I am Vinod , am 23 years old .. Am in dark colour , so i request you to kindly tell me the best fairness cream to become fair My skin is oily skin.I am waiting for ur answer

  33. Hi………….!

    i have wheatish coiour skin…………..
    i used many creams like ponds white beauty, clean & clear fairness cream, so on……..
    and fair & lovely also but it is not suited me when i apply this cream many small pimples are appear on my skin…….. so plzz tell me wht should i do……….? which cream i apply and use daily.

  34. i m megha.
    plz help me plz.
    my skin color is midium. n i m not happy. plz help me plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz sujest me a cream plz. . plz.
    jo mai humesha use kar saku. plz plz help me plz. n rly me must plz. i m waiting. plz rly me plz

  35. my skin color is midium. n i m not ok with i want to get get fair & clear skin . plz help sujest me a cream and soap plz plz plz

  36. Hi Friend,

    I have dry skin with fair complexion but I m becoming little dusky due to these UV rays.
    Can u please suggest me a day cream which can make myself look fair than before,Moisturize and also contain SPF in it ?

    Thanks in advance…..


  37. 23 yrs old.i used ponds white beauty around 7 months.but it isnt skin colour is medioum & dryskin.pls suggest any other healthier fairness day includes moisturize also.its so help me

  38. I’ve only used eyerid serum for about a week and LOVE the way my skin feels! I also have large pores and this has made a difference that I can see!! I will continue buying this product and also had 2 of my coworkers ordering it today as they could see the difference in my complexion!

  39. All guys please use biotique coconut cream very usefull in brigjtening ur skin.only thing u cant use this cream in sun.apply at night n morning wash.also u can apply lotus alpha moist cream very good for smooth glowing skin

  40. am fine wid ma skin color bt its normally n gets more drier in winter also i hv sum hole type of spots rare;y in ma face wich s incresin in recent days so plz somebody suggest me sum good moisturising fairness cream fa summer n winter as well.. thanx!!!!!


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