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By Sandhya,

Hi ,

I am going to get married with in few months and lets accept it here in  India a bride is considered beautiful if she is so called “fair”.I am looking for a fairness cream which can make my skin few tones fair without harming it .Due to sparcity of time I cant go for herbal remedies.Please help!


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  1. you can scrub your face and apply Biotique skin whitening face pack or any other company face will help you in getting 2-3 skin toner fair.

  2. actually, i too have the same question ?:-) coz till date i have used 3-4 brands of fairness creams but it didn’t make me 1 shade lighter (in skin tone)…but among them i have found Revlon’s touch and glow fairness cream to suit my oily skin and making my skin somewhat fairer :-/ :-/

  3. SANDHYA ji,

    U ‘ve few months!

    1 TSP of (Besan + multaani mitti + Honey) + 1 lemon.Apply this pack on ur face n wash after 30 mins.

    If u apply this paste even for 1 week regularly, d difference would be EASILY NOTICABLE to u.. n then, if u do it for few months.. WOAH!!

    I’ve been applying dis pack just from d past 4 weeks.. n d glow on my face is very much visible :shy: :shy:

    God bless u with loadz of happiness n smiles!:)

  4. The alien is the greenie I am speaking abt :smug: and y shud Mitra go green when she has made all of us go green :smug:

  5. I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant :smug: :smug:

  6. Anamika, btw only today i saw one of your comments yesterday saying that something bad hpnd. What is it? Is everything alright now?

  7. i guess makari products will surely help u..i have been using them for a while now and its really good..they kinda make ur skin glow and remove all kinda tiny marks in 2-3 weeks;)

    • i dono how to get the alert for replies after i post;((
      no ana..the soap is 4oo and will last 3 months atleast and their samplesr just 300 with cash on delivery and even they last 3 weeks…so i guess on a longer time, its not dat expensive..worth a try with weddings ahead..and i saw their ingreadients list..they r safe..and did i tell u, shahnaz fairness cream was found to have mercury wich can cause cancer;(

      • omg !!!! is it .wedding ahead yur wedding ?:)

        also i will just enable the reply alert in a while ..i just completely for got about it πŸ˜›


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