Best Fairness Product Which Suited Your Skin


Sunita asks,

I want to try a fairness product but there are so many fairness product out there in market that m getting confused. Can you gals suggest me some tried and tested fairness product which really worked for you? Thanks in advance 🙂


Fairness product which suited your skin-Suggestions


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  1. Himalaya fairness cream, Lakme perfect Radiance and Ponds white beauty are perfect for oily skin types 🙂 They instantly brighten skin and gives a soft matte effect.
    Go for Olay natural white day cream for a moisturized dewy look! It helps CLEARING out blemishes upto a good extent 🙂

    And as a pack, Try The Nature essence’s Lacto Tan Clear, it is fabulous!!! You need to use it as a face pack.
    Good luck!! 🙂

  2. hello sunita… am using “ARTISTRY pure white essence skin brightener” from amway for past two months and i have noticed significant changes in my skin. The product actually promises to brighten ur skin tone by reducing dark spots, pigmentation and blemishes and improves ur complexion. I hope many if u girls must be well aware of this product.
    In my experience i will tell you it is a great product which actually started giving results from 2 weeks after usage.. it helped in fading away the dark spots due to sun and blemishes. so on the whole it gave me even toned skin(to some extend) and it really brightened my face(so i look 1 or 2 shades fairer) and ya it dint give any break outs at allll.. It has to be used morning and night after cleansing and toning, and using a SPF product above this is a must during day time. ALL THE BEST SUNITA

    • I agree with you Vijitha 😀 mee too love the product :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:
      but its very expensive 2100/- which last for 1.5-2 months 😛 😛

  3. Hey sunita..i think clear and radiant skin looks much much better thn just fair skin..:-) you can use masoor dal ka powder regularly..even kesar and milk sister swears by it..

  4. Thats true..Clear complexion and glowing skin is far superior than a fair complexion. Apart from the home remidies have a glass of lemon water(Lukewarm) it helps in removing the toxins and u will definetly see a change in 1st week itself…most important whatever u do be regular and disciplined and only then the change will be observed

  5. use a face pack with powdered almonds and boiled milk.. it helps getting rid of tan and makes the skin really glow from within… good luck

  6. @deepu
    i dont have acne
    just had spots which were gone after using it
    so i cant say anything about that
    i applied a paste of mint and neem leaves for acne
    you can try that

  7. green gram ka powder + milk (preferably with the cream) + lemon (few drops) .. works .. green gram works as a scrubber, milk works as a bleaching agent, cream soothes the skin adding oil back, lemon again bleaching agent along with antiseptic..
    Try this .. this will irritate / tingle you initially .. but that’s fine .. if your skin feels like its burning then you have added more lemon than your skin can tolerate .. so try it on a patch of skin like your inner arm first then try on your face ..
    Good luck !!! :-))

  8. many yrs back when i recovered from fever, my skin looked pale.. so tried fairever.. though i didnt have much belief in fairness creams, it was much better than the popular fair & lovely.. i had tried it during my school days; i sweat a lot after application..but fairever is much better.. I didnt use it regularly as my skin recovered soon may b cos of medicines and food too.. who knows??
    my vote is for olay products as it gives glow, hydrates and makes skin healthy.. There are many variants , choose whichever suits u.. i use both – olay day and night cream.. my zits on forehead and nose have stopped, pimples have reduced and my skin looks radiant and healthy.. healthy skin is more imp than fair skin.. right?? i m not sure whether fairness creams works, but it brings back my skin to normal when it turns pale.. i’ve tried ponds too.. but it gave temp results..

  9. mix potato juice,cucumber juice,orange peel powder n multani mitti .keep it until dries.rinse with cold water(not chilled).also can b used individually.used it everyday religiously.

  10. I love my cafe au lait (milk coffee) colouring and here in California tan is most coveted colour to be! All shades of brown/tan are beautiful here and no one differentiates if you are light brown or medium brown or dark brown. Aishwarya is considered a brown woman and so is Eva Longoria and Halle Berry is considered black even though she is light brown. It’s all a matter of perception. Having smooth, even and unblemished skin should be the goal. Best thing you can do for yourself is use a sunscreen every single day, even at home, with the highest protection PA+++, preferably something with zinc oxide and shield your face with a hat or umbrella when you are in the sun. This will reduce your past tan and prevent future tan and blemishes.

    • i so agree with you MANDY..but the kind of questions which we get on wise she do fall in fairness category a lot.

  11. During my pregnancy my skin had grown very allergic. so i did not use any specific product during tht time and my face had tanned considerbly.. after my delivery i was careful in choosing products..
    I liked Lotus white glow micro emulsion + gel cream
    Kumkumadi Tailam, Olay night cream with mulberry extracts.
    To take off tan – VLCC anti tan pack is very good
    Mix Basen + Haldi + Milk Cream . this will give excellent results.

  12. :lashes: i thnk sandalwood powder + milk powder+almond+lemon juice is d best paste for find out fairness & believe me fariness lotion ,creams are bloody nonsense to misguide u ppl dey r rubbish befoolng ussss and only temporary wrks bt if u use home remedy its good n free frm sideeffects to for reducing taninng i thnk lemon juice is the best by rubbing it on ur face apply it 4 , 15-20 min n rinse off sandalwood powder with milk reduces spots n give glowing skin too almonds makes skin soft n shiny……. sooooo gals once u try ths, its really wrk for indian skin……………………………. :tap-dance: n rock d world :tap-dance:


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