Best five quick healthy snack recipes


I am fond of cooking but like so many of us  I prefer fast  cooking. I don’t think  that woman today has the time and patience to spend hours and hours in their kitchen. But at the back of our mind we all want to be  healthy and stuffing our self with chips and muffins is just not an healthy idea. Healthy eating needs only one simple rule and i.e at healthy and stay healthy.

We wish to be healthy and developing a healthy eating plan is difficult for all of us. In recent years I have found easy healthy recipes which can be prepared in minutes provided you have all the ingredients with you. So stock yourself with good ingredients rather than greasy stuff and one can live a healthy life.
So here goes my healthy snacks
1. Eating oranges is fun but having them as a snack is not interesting. To make them interesting one can remove the rind and white pith with a sharp knife and then slice them into 4-5 pieces. Now take a bowl and some lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon. Spoon this mixture over the oranges and you have cinnamon orange as a snack for you. You can easily enjoy this in evening as a healthy snack. It fulfills your daily requirement of vitamin C and add potassium and sodium too in your body.
2. Yogurt too is a great snacking option .Meany healthy snack recipe can be made with it without you compromising with the taste. One can snack with yogurt recipes the way they want. MY favorite is to take a cup of fat free yogurt and add some fresh diced fruits such as apple , pear etc and throw some chopped nuts. This is a snack which is loaded with essential fats and healthy fatty acid. Take it as a mid meal between 11a.m to 2pm and enjoy the healthy snack.
 3. Though I mostly prefer eggs in breakfasts but eggs made this way I can have en number of times.For this quick healthy egg recipe I take few hard boiled eggs and cut them into slices. Dip them in extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle salt and paprika. What bring taste to this recipe is paprika .This snack is loaded with protein 
  4. Carrots are a great healthy snack .It is filled with potassium and fiber. For this take a cup of baby carrot and sprinkle some sesame seeds, thyme and salt in it. That is it, your healthy and delightful snack is ready to eat. It is filled with nutrition and you can enjoy it every now and then when you feel hungry. 
 5. Keeping brown bread and some beans throughout the week is a also a healthy snack recipe. This can be your breakfast recipe too. For this one needs, mozzarella cheese cubes, rajma (boiled rajma , and keep them in your fridge for 3 days.)You can make many dishes with it. Take rajma and add some tomato ketchup, salt and black pepper too. If you are in less hurry then take a pan add some butter and then rajma and ketchup. Stir it for few minutes and keep it aside.
Toast the bread then spread the Rajma on it and sprinkle some cheese to it. This one is quick to make provided one has boiled Rajma with them.
Keeping some ingredients boiled such as rajma, lentils, peas and corns too is a healthy snack option which one can enjoy without wasting too much of time. You can mix them with many things .Peas and corn available in frozen  packets too which can be used in variety of ways to fulfill your requirement of daily healthy snack.
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