Best Foot Scrub Suggestions


Latika asks,

What method of foot scrub do you follow ?I am a football player and my feet really go through hell every weekend.Any DIY or scrub which can bring life to them ?


Best foot scrub suggestions+foot scrub +DIY Foot scrub recipes


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  1. try TBS peppermint smoothening pumice scrub once in a week.For regular use u can try the Avon cinnamon orange range too. it is awesome.especially the foot cream. 🙂
    DIY tips: grind some masoor dal and use it at rough spots. it will surely help.i use it myself n love the effect. 😀

  2. Jovees foot scrub is good…
    everyday you can scrub feet with besan or gramflour.. will take care of tan..
    use heavy duty moisturizer or vaseline at night and put on socks..

  3. Cheap and Best — Pumice Stone
    Scruob with Pumice esp during your hair wash days as the feet will be fully soaked soft and perfect for exfoliation after hair wash


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