Best Hair Color Brand – Wise She Reader Question


By Miss Reddy

Best Hair color brand

Of late i have been having grey hair and appears like they would just never stop.I think its genetic. my mother has it.

henna is making my hair dry and i do not like the red tinge it gives me.

I have been thinking about hair colour-those high end brands ( the lakme people use Schwarzkopf ). but would they damage the hair ? lakme staff told me if i take proper care there would be no damage to hair. But, you know for obvious reasons i can’t trust ’em.

plz help. ‘cos grey hair eats a lot into my energy levels..I  understand that maintaining coloured hair would shoot up my cost  but i am willing to .

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  1. Hie,
    I too have used loreal hair coloursing did dry my hair but when i started taking their spa treatment it helped me out..i found their spa treatment quiet effective..

  2. If you plan to do it urself at home then I would recommend to use Loreal Excellence creme. If you feel that that the cost is more then use Garnier Hair dye. It is easy non drip and best it does not color the skin and only colors the hair unlike other local dye brands

  3. thanks for putting up the query.

    is it ok to get it done at salon or best done at home ? and how often must the spa treatment be taken ?? my mum says colours are carcinogenic …hw true is that girls ?

  4. Heard from my friends who get coloured, Wella is a good brand…but no matter how good a brand you use, you need to take special care of coloured hair.

  5. based on recos i bought a chambor dazzle eye pencil and am quite happy with it πŸ™‚

    am new to foundation thing. i don a dry skin. spent some time at chambor counter and liked the chambor foundation . it was around 900+ bucks. but don’t rem the name . did anyone from this community try it out ? she was willing to give me a chambor lip stick and some coloured eye pencil for free πŸ˜€ help !!

    • which chambor foundation reddy ?? can you specify the name of the foundation please.

      and u got chmabor lipstick also free with it :O :O..voo that is quiet an offer πŸ™‚

  6. i didnt buy it yet…she told me the offer is just a free lip stick worth some 400 but she’ willing to give me a eye pencil too ( some purple shade ). ‘cos i wasted money earlier on wrong foundations i dint want to make another…so want to make an informed decision now πŸ™‚

  7. ohh good u told that..atleast next time i will also go to loreal counter and tell the about the wrong foundation shade which they gave me πŸ˜›

  8. ha ha..true…what tugs at heart is the kinda money that goes into wrong cosmetics…wonder how much money those guys make cos we make mistakes πŸ˜€

  9. i know specially foundation..i have many foundations which i never use..and in return they give us a pencil πŸ˜€ they should give us another foundation and a pencil free :rotfl: :rotfl:

  10. Girls i am 27 and have lots of grey hairs.. πŸ˜₯ After trying lots of home remedies and heena i am at conclusion that i shud go for hair coloring but my frnd warned me that coloring can damage your hair and i shud start using hair color only after 30.Gals plz suggest me can i go for hair coloring (i have rough and dry hair)

  11. my hair color is too Browne…… wana change them… 20……. shud i go 4 color….. ?:-)
    i hv used highlighting but nw m nt happy wid it……..


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