Best Hair Colors For Your Hair


Best Hair Colors For Your Hair

Coloring hair won’t ever go out of fashion. No matter you are 16 or 40, wearing color on hair will be an all time fashion statement. You will love yourself daily with the changed hair color which will give you an ultimate pleasure and confidence. It won’t only boost your confidence but will give you a look of girl Full of life.

But here the most important take is choosing the hair color that will go with your skin tone. We Asians possess different types of skin tones and any color with any skin tone can be dangerous.

So, before the disaster happens and you end up regretting what you have done, learning which skin tone compliments which color is must. Let’s have a look.


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Red has lot of tricks. There are numerous shades in red which one can pick. Fair tones can go for almost all red hair color. But extremely fair girls with natural redness on their face should skip this color. Dusky girls can easily opt for red hair and can look fabulous. Red highlights looks incredible on dusky and whitish hair. Bright Red is a big no-no. Subtle red or Dark red can be experimented by dark skin tones.


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Burgundy color suits girls with medium whitish to dark skin tones. I love this color because it is truly made for Indian Skin tones. This hair color will not only give you a diva look but will also help you stand out the crowd.

If teamed with delicate colors in apparel like nude, grey, white, beige this will totally let you rock the season.
Ponytail to braided, all hair styles looks marvelous with this hair color.


wiseshe hair anamika

Brown is the most common and safest color any individual can go for. If you are not sure which color will go good on you and scared of experimenting on your locks than you can confidently go for Brown.

Brown color looks good with people who have wavy hair. If you are fair, go for dark brown and if whitish try for medium or ash brown.


Mahogany color is dark brown with little pinch of maroon in it. This color looks fabulous on fair skin tones. Red fair people to fair, all can try this color without giving this a second thought. This hair color looks appealing on people with shorter hair as well. Ladies with Bob cut to Long hair all look heaven with this color.

Darker people should avoid going for this as it makes the skin tone even darker. A combination of Mahogany hair with Black is super duper hit. In winters go for a leather fitted jacket and trust me people would give hearts as you walk.


wavy bob hairstyle

Golden color is cherished by many ladies who are inspired from the Hollywood divas.
Firangis do look good in gold looks and blondes are no doubt sexy but with the Indian skin tones, there is a different story.

Extremely fair to fair ladies can carry this color but I would recommend it with the highlights. Full golden hair will make you look pale and blonde and would snatch away your ethnicity.
Go for gold highlights or go for gold hair color with light brown highlights. Any combination will go good.

Also this color is not good for hair as it need aggressive bleaching.


Sleek Ponytail Hairstyles

Zed Black is a straightaway NO for all the skin tone. It won’t add any beauty but on the other hand will only give a look of wig. Also with black color on your hair, your overall gaze will appear to be very tough and bury your feminine appeal.

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