Best Hair Colour Shades For Indian Skin Tone


Best Hair Colour Shades  For Indian Skin Tone


Everyone has a different skin tone and complexion. And choosing the right hair colour can be really confusing. A bad colour job can wreck havoc on your looks and personality. When done right, the hair colour transforms your personality and that is why you see almost every celebrity with coloured hair.


best hair colour shades for indian skin


How to Choose

L’Oréal Paris recommends staying within 1-2 shades lighter or darker than your natural hair colour. This will harmonise with your natural skin and eye colour. Always keep this golden rule in mind before getting your hair coloured.
Warm undertones should opt for warm colours like copper and cool ones should choose cool colours like walnut brown.

Warm Yellow Skin Tone

Chestnut, dark golden brown, auburn and mahogany are best suited for such skins. If you are highlighting, choose from cinnamon and copper colours. Golden blond is a complete no-no as this will make you look too yellow and dull. Red toned colours are great as these will neutralize the yellow in your skin.

Cool Pink Skin Tone

You can choose a honey brown, wheat or taupe for your hair. These colours will tone down the pinkish tones. A medium golden brown is good for you but avoid very dark colours.

Colours for You


best hair colours for indian skin

Not every colour is meant for every complexion but different shades of a single colour suit differnt skin tones. Here are some colours and their matching skin tones-


It is a great shade for olive skin tones. Dark complexions carry it beautifully.


Brown comes in a variety of shades and undertones. So every skin tone has a brown for them. Warm skin toned girls will look great in chocolate browns and ash browns. Mahogany and walnut brown are great for cool skin tones.You can easily get it here.


It is not for very fair skin tones as it will look stark. Even if you have naturally black hair, don’t opt for black hair to hide grays. Rather go for dark brown as the artificial black looks just that. You can buy it here.


Only very fair girls with pink undertones can look good in blonde hair. Mostly it does not suit Indian skins. Remember Amisha Patel? If you like golden, get it through highlights.

Funky colours

Purple, green, pink, yellow….There is no limit when it comes to getting a quirky unnatural hair colour. Most of these colours will wash out Indian skin. You can go for purple, red and plum. Also it is better to get highlights, if you like unnatural colours. A pure head of purple will not very flattering.

A great way to pick a good hair colour is to match it with the colour of your eyes.

If you have any other ideas regarding hair colour, please share!

Have you colored your hair?

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  1. Hi Maitri,

    A very great article. Now I noe y blonde didnt suit me. Anyway I am from hyderabad and it’s been a while since I started mt search for the funky colors like green stark blue pink and lyt purple… but most of the salons here say it will just stay until my 5th hair wash… do you any salons here which offer these shades and which would stay on my hair for a little over a month… I basically want some streaks… like avril lavigne had in some of her past videos….

  2. Awesome post Maitri 🙂 I have had red, blue and pink highlights in my college days.. Dey used to look quite fun..;)

  3. i got two bright red streaks last to last year…!!..they looked amazing..but due to lack of post-coloring care, my hay like hair became more frizzy 🙁

  4. im biracial so i have a hard time with my complexion. i have mediam tan skin ,but some days i have a yellow undertone but i look red sometimes.i have dark brown natural hair. what highlights would look good on me?? please and thanks ! <3

  5. Very informative post. Is there anyway I can purchase the Loreal majirel and inoa shade card to know the color range available. Some are available on eBay but these are from uk. Will it be same for India.


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