Best Hair Colour Streaks For Indian Skin Tone- Wise She Reader Question


By Naina,

I have really long dark black hair.Would copper streaks look good on me?Please give suggestion?

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  1. well if u r confident enuf…u can try..i personally m a bit scared of experimenting on my hair…i had done 1 streak at lakme..violet color…looks gets light after a few washes..

  2. i have seen my friend with Blackkk hair and reddish coloured highlights…they looked good on her…but then it also depends on your skin tone too….so please do chk wth a hair dresser….and u can actually get a "wash-off in one go" kinds for the starts and chk if it suits…if it doesnt thn u can just wash it off!!!!

  3. i have light wheatish skin and black hair.will you plz help me out to find out the best colour for my skin tone and hair?

  4. Madam,

    I have very long dark black hair .. and my complexion is dark brown? which hair colour will suit me? i have a complexion like bipasa basu? pls suggest me hair colour for my skin tone

  5. I’ve jet black hair and I got magenta red color done on my hair n its nt at all seen….its a total waste…my frnd suggested me to go for honey blonde next tym….


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