Best Hair Frizz Product /Treatment


Megha asks, 

Hi Ladies,

I always wonder why only I have to deal with coarse frizzy hair even after trying so many shmapoos and conditioners.

Am I missing a product which will calm down the frizz from my dry hair? What is the reason that my hair feel so coarse?I am sick of this problem and looking for a solution if you have any.

Best hair frizz product treatment

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  1. i love the Loreal (salon one) frizz serum. its the purple bottle. I wash my hair, dry it with my hair dryer and when its abt 80% dry, i apply the serum and comb thru’. keeps the frizz down quite a bit.

  2. Hey…I have the same problem…I use TBS Rain forest range’s shampoo+conditioner+hair mask and apply Loreal salon frizz serum…that helps a great deal.

    Another remedy could be Hair Spa treatment…that helps me too 🙂

  3. oil your hair before washing it,,
    do not rub your hair with a towel,,just let the towel soak the excess water.
    use curd as a pre hairwash conditioner
    don’t let your hair be quite dirty before you wash it
    if you use straightners n curlers heavily,,then stop using them so much

    use egg/curd as a conditioner ~ will definitely solve your problem 🙂

  4. I always massage my hair nd scalp with olive oil and do a hot towel treatment at least once a week.

    use a good hair mask, I’m using TBS hair butter nd it helps a great deal, use a serum if yu need to like TBS grapeseed glossing serum.
    use a cream based, no SLS or SLES shampoo… 🙂

  5. i have frizy hair , its reallly dry so i know your pain 🙁 . I tried panteen shampoo and conditioner in the green one (smooth and silky) and it worked great but now i wash my hair in a different way and i use methi powder + avla powder (soak it in water overnight ) , i drain the water and use it as a conditioner :). natural things take time but are effective 🙂

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  7. Hey em a regular follower n jus lov d blog…..well ma hair gets messy coz f frizz so wot hair packs wud u suggst? r dey any good coz i dnt rely mch on chemicals???


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