Best Hair Products For Frizzy Hair

By Shaista,
I have a hair related query and i hope u will be able to answer it for me.I have long, thick and wavy hair. It is also dry and frizzy. Ever since i was a little girl my grandma always advised me not to use different products on my hair fearing it would damage my hair. All i ever did was oil it before every wash. I never even used conditioner. So u can say my hair is kind of virgin .
But for the past 2 years or so i started using conditioner that too in moderation. I use it just 2-3 times in a month. There is one thing i have always observed wen i use conditioner.
The hair fall increases.When i rinse out the conditioner, the hair just keeps falling off. I never had a hair fall problem and i don’t even have it now. Its just wen i use conditioner. I have tried changing brands. Now i use dove. Please advise. Is it normal. If not, what shoud I do? This just keeps me farther away from using any products on my hair. I have never used a hair straightener. I don’t blow dry my hair. And since my hair is very dry I shampoo it after 4-5 days that too after oiling it with coconut hair oil.
I m really looking forward to your suggestions.
Best soloution for dry and frizzy hair

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  1. i same problem … omg my my hair becomes so unmanagable, but i started using body shop hair butter, because it is all natural, it dint gimme any hair fall issues plus curtailed my frizz:)

  2. Hi, Once you shampoo your hair, rinse it thoroughly and towel dry your hair. APply Pantene potion on your damp hair and comb your hair when dry. You will have no hair loss and hair will be silky and manageable. I have dull dry damaged hair but after using pantene potion is too silky. Never ever thought my hair would become like this.

  3. I had heard on some show on TV by a dermat, when ur hair fall because of conditioner means, the conditioner is way too heavy for ur hair to sustain & that is the reason they fall. Now he had explained everything in technical terms, above was my understanding on it.

  4. u can dilute the conditioner with some water and try this. try using body shop’s conditioners , they are pretty natural. try a salon range of products, like l’oreal professionel, or matrix ..

    i have curly hair too and i find regular oiling helps, so apply 4 – 5 drops of oil to your hair every night. you will find the texture changing. also wash your hair more often. you may shampoo only once a week if you feel it is drying ur hair but do rinse your hair with plain water, and do not forget to use cold water as a final rinse. it smoothens ur cuticles as well as the oil frm ur scalp will distribute across ur hair.

    use olive oil to massage ur scalp.

  5. hey..i have the same problem…but many people advised me to use trichup oil cuz its best for those having hair fall problem!
    trichup oil is a complete hair care product…it prevents hair fall n boosts hair growth! also it adds luster and bounce to the hair! i suggest u to try tis oil once! 🙂

  6. Your hair could be reacting to the chemicals in the conditioner so I am not sure why you have hairfall..

    However a lot of girls complain about hairfall while rinsing the conditioner. The truth is the hairfall is not caused by the conditioner. Those hair have broken already during shampooing & are entangled with other hair. When you don’t apply a conditioner – these broken hair will slowly fall out over the course of the day – as & when they detangle.

    When you apply a conditioner (to the ends only) it causes the tangles to ease out & the broken hair then fall when the conditioner is rinsed. To a lay person it seems like the conditioner is causing the hairfall, but that is not always true.

    I think you should talk to a doctor in case you are suffering from excessive hairfall.

  7. heyy guys well i have tried numerous shampoos conditioners and potions but my hair is dry like ever…:(
    can you please suggest something that could help??

  8. all loreal shampoos have worked great on me but my hairfall started again ,i think i should change my shampoo or eat nutritious food lik eat fish,take vitamin E tablets


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