Best Hair Rebonding Salon In Bangalore – Suggestions

Tarun asks,
Hello All,
I wish to get hair rebonding done. I am new to Bangalore, so I seek your advice on good salons which will do the purpose.
I did strait therapy from Lakme salon 1.5 years back and now my hair is back to my natural waves. My only concern is to have natural looking straight hair and not poker straight.
Please suggest 🙂
best hair rebonding saloon in bangalore


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  1. ana… u havnt posted my query nor u hav answered mine 😥 🙁 can i send it again will u post that fr me pls pls pls :worship: :worship:

      • ana i hav mailed u regarding shopping frm international sites n also asked u abt ur best picks i mean wat sites u advise as i hv nvr done so bfor n i hav asked u abt this site regarding its authenticity as i c u do a lot of hauls frm international sites n also i askd u abt the customs v need to pay fr these makeup stuff n one more thing ana i wanna review ‘rusk’leave in conditioner can i do it 🙂 pls do answer ana coz ur reply means a lot to me :-)) :-)) :-))

  2. I would recco the Lakme Salon at 12th Main Indiranagar. Sonu does a fab job and she has rebonded my wavy hair to perfection…

  3. I don’t like poker straight hair, Is this therapy similar to hair rebonding ? I don’t like poker straight hair, can anyone please suggest about straight therapy??


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