Best Hair serum brand in India – Wise She reader question


Hi Anamika,

Can you tell me best hair-serum to use on a dry hair? Please post this query on wise she for me.

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  1. i use habib's serum.its good so far buthimalaya anti frizz conditioner is the best to keep hair frm frizzing.i had so unruley hair and i used all brands but nothing worked.finally shahnaz hussain shampoo n himalsya ani frizz conditioner suited me.give it a try.thx

  2. really i have seen shanaz hussain shampoo so many times but i never thought of buying it…will surely buy it this time as i am about to complete my loreal shampoo and conditioner.

  3. Habibs is the best…Matrix from Loreal comes second..third comes Livon -for me

    But i dont use Habib's anymore cause it breaks out my facial skin πŸ™ so i'm shuttling between Matrix and Livon

  4. I'm using Matrix Biolage. It's good for me. Controls the frizz, protect from blow-drying and is light. Thats the best part abut it.

  5. wt i noticed is serum din't help me much 2 keep hair non frizzy, its the himalaya conditioner.i used loreal liss extreme mask as conditioner but himalaya showed better results.i m totally in love with their conditioners.
    @anamika- ya shahnaz shampoo is worth a buy if u have dry/frizzy hair bt i won't recommend it if u have oily hair bcoz it doesn't lather's much n i m nt sure if it removes oil for dry hairs, it the best.thanks.

  6. no with discount its like worth a try 4 ppl with dry hair. i read ur review abt aroma magic shampoo so thinking of picking that 1.if that works 4 me then i don't need 2 spend 400 on shahnaz shampoo

  7. Yes…

    He uses Amlika leave in serum..Its natural na..I convinced him to stop using the silicone based ones and now its only TBS..LOL

  8. Hi,
    ive really dry n frizzy currently usin pantene shampoo n conditioner..
    but m losin hair like crazy..does d use of a conditioner cos hair loss??
    hw much is habib’s serum n whr is it availabl??

  9. Hi,
    My hair is falling to much,currently usng sunsilk shampoo & it doesn’t work,can u suggest me best shampoo for hair fall & serum also… :smirk:

  10. hi anybody tell abt hair serum.. matrix is best than all… ??? silicon based oil will damage the hair.. u know my hair was in volume after using pantene shampoo and conditioner it’s falling too. totally waste hating that.. before days i used sunsilk black it was good only. me only changed .. my wrong only now am trying dove and sunsilk both are good..

  11. I like matrix hair serum. It’s quite good. and Habib’s serum is also good.I have shot hair so I don’t use much of these but I found good results from both of these.

  12. check out TRICHOZ hair serum…its worth it
    ive been using it since a few years and it really gives me nearly no hairfall after shampoo when i use it on wet hair..just a bit
    its 210 bucks for 100 ml

  13. my hair is falling like crazy m using garnier shampoo nd himalaya conditioner what should i use are there any herbal products in india???????? its freaking me out plz help what should i do with my hairs save them……………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. hi… suggest a good shampoo, conditioner nd serum for my short nd wavy hair….. nd also a good hair oil to make new hair to grow nd to get thick hair…. wit reasonable cost…


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