Best Hair Serum For Frizzy Hair


Reshma asks,

I have frizzy and long hair which are difficult to keep.:(I want to have manageable and silky hair.Can you recommend me any serum which helps in controlling the frizz.

Best Hair Serm For Frizzy Hair



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  1. am sorry but NONE works for me.i had re-bonding done 2 years ago and well,am not ashamed anymore to say that it went completely below hip length hair were reduced to merely a shoulder length(slightly shorter than that actually)in just an hours time!major disaster,lots of tears n shock!ive dealt bad frizz for 2 years n all these fake serums didnt say if u really want to do something about the frizz…BOYCOTT LOREAL completely.its useless+hopeless.ur only doing LOREAL favor by buying their products but nothing helps u n ur hair for that matter 😛
    after 2 years of searching n experimenting with what can tame my hair,i felt i should try some other brand n managed to get MATRIX SMOOTH N STRAIGHTEN shampoo as well as conditioner 😀 .within the very first use,it worked :-)) !now i dont really have to worry about flat ironing my hair once in a while when ive to head out because this combo has made my natural hair a bit better n m sure overtime lets say after a year,i will have a good result with these suggest use MATRIX hair serum too…its way better than LOREAL.even though i believe LOREAL itself is marketing matrix in India(i might be wrong as i cant recall where i read this piece of information)still,stick to matrix.its far better.if possible,invest in BODY SHOP FRIZZ CONTROLLING PRODUCTS (u can use a leave in conditioner too) or maybe u could try FOREST ESSENTIALS?am sure these brands DO WHAT THEY SAY.LOREAL IS JUST GLAM PACKAGING N NOTHING WITHIN.hope my straightforward anti-loreal comment helps 🙂 lots of love n luck

  2. you have to stop the frizz from happening in the first place, not just try and fix the frizz!

    figure out what could be making your hair unhealthy. are you eating enough healthy food? are you using too much heat products (straightening/curling) on your hair? is your shampoo not suitable for your hair? maybe you are colouring it too often?

    i used to have awful hair like dry straw and a cupboard full of creams/serums. nothing worked until one day i decided to forget all about products and styling. i tried out with shampoo brands and finally found one that worked fine for me(sunsilk) ironically it was the cheapest! ive stopped using any form of heat and my hair is manageable and frizz free with no product required other than shampoo.. and if you must use a blowdryer, use it on the ‘cold’ setting.

  3. I tried Loreal smooth intense . Didn’t work for me. My next try-Matrix Biolage Ultra hydrating shampoo did wonders. I purchased this Paul mitchell gloss drops . just came in yesterday. will let u girls know how it works 🙂

    You can use styling tools once in a while but do use a heat protectant.As royalmasala rightly said diet is important too . my hair issues reduced when i started taking milk,eggs and spinach regularly :-))

  4. I also really like Matrix Opti Care smooth & straight serum. It is a little bit heavy so use it only on the tips 🙂

    Jasdeep – what happened with your hair is really sad, it generally happens when the 2nd cream (the neutraliser) is either ineffective or is left on for a very short period – this results in incomplete neutralisation of the the relaxing chemical.

    • hi tanveer.thanks a tonne for the sure the guy majorly goofed up.n the worst is,he cheated big time.i had no idea when i complained to him,he called me back n i went to find a solution to my problem because for 2 months i didnt step out of the house.i specifically told the guy at the salon to NOT repeat the process n he said NO he wont but unfortunately,he did 🙁 so u can imagine what ive been hair r still not that great n am always looking for solutions to fix them.i do have to use a flat iron at times specially during formal DOs.kills me!but glad that matrix is of some help 🙂

  5. Hi,

    I have very frizzy hair.

    I have recently started using Natures Co Tea Tree Hair Cream (In combination with Silk and Shine). I think it does a wonderful job of adding volume yet reduce frizz. Just a lil bit on damp hair seems to be doing the trick

    Another tip I got from one Shahnaz Hussain article was to take 2 drops (I have longer hair so I use 5 drops) of Sunflower oil (the one we use for cooking) in your palm, rub it well and rub palm and fingers thru hair gently. Great for reducing frizz again.

    Hope these help! I know ow much of a pain frizzy hair is!

  6. Hey guys ..
    am new here … started reading the blog and got instantly addicted! .. awesome job! 🙂

    for the query .. I too agree with using Sunsilk dream soft and smooth shampoo and conditioner .. it has helped me manage my frizzy hair to an extent .. 🙂


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