Save, Spend & Splurge Wise She- Hair Serums


Save, Spend & Splurge Wise She- Hair Serums


Hello everybody!

I think I am on a hair protection mission for you guys 😛 First, came up with hair sprays and now I have hair serums in the series today. Let’s have a look at some of the best in market.


Streax Perfect Shine Hair Serum


Streax perfect shine hair serum Review+hair serum


Price: Rs. 175 for 100 ml

Smoothes dry, frizzy, unruly hair. Natural moisture locking and conditioning effect of walnut oil helps in enhancing hair smoothness and your hair stays shiny, nourished and manageable all day. Adds shine to the hair.

Matrix Biolage Smooth therapie Deep Smoothing Serum 

Price: Rs. 215 for 100 ml.


Matrix Biolage Smooth therapie Deep Smoothing Serum Review+best shampoo

Biolage Smoothing serum smoothes dry, frizzy, and unruly hair. A fusion of taming polymers and avocado and grapeseed oils gently envelopes hair to control frizz and seal in smoothness without weight. Hair stays shiny, nourished, and manageable all day. This serum leaves hair with zero frizz. Just a small amount of serum is required. It is lightweight, it gives a glossy sheen to the hair without weighing the hair down. The hair serum has been made from botanical extracts mainly, so it will not harm your hair in the long run.

Habibs Aesthetics Hair Serum
Habibs Aesthetics Hair Serum


Price: Rs. 140 for 50 ml

Makes dull and rough hair shiny. Doesn’t make the hair oily, works well on damp as well as dry hair, has a nice mild fragrance, controls the frizz, softens hair, detangles hair.


Wella High Hair Gloss Serum



Price: Rs. 475 for 75 ml.

Ultra Shine finish for all styles and hair types which enhances the appearance of coloured hair and provides an anti-frizz effect. Wella Multi Protect Formula gives protection and shine with pro vitamin B5 and UV filter. Provides good shine and hair looks gorgeous. The serum is as light as water. Smells like a mild shampoo. Suits all hair types.

The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum 

Price: Rs. 545 for 75 ml



A glossing serum that adds great gloss and shine to the hair. It also helps to moisturise the hair. Delivers almost instantaneous results, hair feels and looks detangled, smooth, malleable and touchable almost immediately even in its semi-wet condition. It is highly recommended for those with dry or brittle or frizzy hair. It hydrates and further straightens out straight hair. It actually works as a styling/setting/holding agent.

L’Oreal Serie Expert Absolut Repair Cellular Unifibrine Hair Serum


L’Oreal Serie Expert Absolut Repair Cellular Unifibrine Hair Serum


Price: Rs. 580

Smells amazing, leaves hair smoother and soft. Also, imparts a bit of shine to the hair. Prevents appearance of split ends.


BioSilk Silk Therapy Serum


BioSilk Silk Therapy Serum


Price: Rs. 2020 approximately.

Makes hair really feel like silk. Gives immediate, impressive results. Controls frizz. Works all day and prevents frizz even in humid climate. Works even if you just air dry your hair.

Wella Hair Loss System Professional Energy Serum


Wella Hair Loss System Professional Energy Serum


Price: Rs. 3500 for 100 ml.

Intensive Strengthening Tonic. Can reduce hair loss by 37%. The life cycle of the hair is prolonged. Helps reduce hair fall and helps in regrowth of hair. Does not have any strong scent.

Redken Hair Serum


Redken Hair Serum


Price: 20 dollars

Good as a heat protectant, has a good de-tangling effect. Adds a lot of shine. The smell is great.






Price :Rs.2300

This product can be used as a regular oil for oil massage, can be used before blow drying as a heat protectant, to add shine and control the frizz after you wash your hair. Hair stays super conditioned and good looking for at least 2 days after using it post-wash conditioner.

Do you use hair serums? Which one is your pick?

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  1. I use the Kerastase Elixir Ultime .. Just 2 pumps on my hair post-wash … I have stopped using normal hair conditioner as that lead to major hairfall … and absolute love this hair serum!!

    • Seriously shweta! I don’t use serums much but kerastase has got some really insane reviews. I think it is a must try product 🙂

    • I did use L’Oreal one but due to my oily hair I stopped using it. I am sure wella will turn out to be a good product 😀


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